Make last year, THE last year of tolerating less than you deserve!
No one is coming to save you my friend. This life of yours is 100% your responsibility.
Lisa Whatley
intuitive Healer, AUTHOR, meditation guide and Digital CONTENT creator

Lisa Whatley is Helping You ... Wake Up to Soul

When you choose to fully embrace knowing your soul on the deepest levels, there are sacred healing gifts that you are lead to discover and experience along the way …

Healing Encoded Transmissions of Light mixed with Heavenly Soul Music, Theta Wave and 528 Hz Frequency

These healing audios will elicit a release from your mind, body, emotions and spirit creating change on the conscious, subconscious and energetic levels Awakening Your Dormant Potentials!

The 528hz frequency has the means to restore human consciousness to its full power and potential. It’s the love frequency! It is the harmonic vibration that can lift your heart to be in harmony with heaven and I’ve blended this amazing love frequency into a sacred marriage with the restorative, rejuvenating, activating, transmuting and clearing energies that I have encoded into each healing audio for very specific purposes along with the theta wave which has the potential to deeply relax your mind and body allowing for the optimal mental state where you can consciously create your reality. All of these transformational vibrations encoded into heavenly soul lifting, high vibing, amazing new music. We are talking superb works of know-how, expertise, mastery, creativity, imagination, knowledge and craftsmanship mixed with a whole lot of divine inspiration, love and healing!

Seriously, this is the finest, top-notch audio energy healing that you’ll own and all at your very own fingertips! YOU become the healer by pushing play whenever you want. It’s healing on your terms and exactly when you want and need it. How cool is that?

You get to push play to relax your mind and body allowing these intelligent effective energies to wash over your entire being, bringing these phenomenal impressive high quality frequencies into every aspect of who you are, transforming your energetic structure for deep, deep mind, body, emotion and soul healing … it just couldn’t get any easier than that.

Reconnect to Your Divine Essence and Let Your Light Shine!

Energy Infused Healing Music

All Updated in 2022!
Decide You Want the Best Life

Choose to team up with the best life you can have by taking your life to the next level.

Psychic Attack

A self healing audio for clearing and protecting. It’s perfect for empaths and highly sensitive people.

J-Seal & Implant Removal

Reclaim your power and sovereignty by removing negative and destructive implants and seals from your body.


Crystal Grids are energetic technology in action. They synthesize powerful crystal vibrations and sacred geometric energy for healing.


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This angel meditation is infused with healing energies. It will connect you with your healing angel to bring about peace, healing, guidance and love while also cleansing your body of all negativity. This journey will allow you to go through your day with protection, healing and grace … GET FREE INSTANT ACCESS … and enjoy your journey!