Reiki House Clearing Healing Energy Medicine Music

Designed to Nourish Your Mind, Body, Emotions & Spirit

Reiki House Clearing: Banish Negativity

60 Minutes of Healing Energy Embedded into Meditation Music
Encoded Transmission of Light mixed with Heavenly Soul Music, Theta Wave and 528 Hz Frequency

This healing audio will elicit a release from your mind, body, emotions and spirit creating change on the conscious, subconscious and energetic levels Awakening Your Dormant Potentials!

  • Enhancing Your Connections to Your Higher Sources of Guidance and Wisdom
  • Awakening Your Intuitive | Psychic Abilities
  • Accelerating Your Evolutionary Path of Light
  • Allowing Quicker Manifestation
  • Fully Align with Your Life Purpose and Work
  • And so Much More …

The 528hz frequency has the means to restore human consciousness to its full power and potential. It’s the love frequency! It is the harmonic vibration that can lift your heart to be in harmony with heaven and I’ve blended this amazing love frequency into a sacred marriage with the restorative, rejuvenating, activating, transmuting and clearing energies that I have encoded into each healing audio for very specific purposes along with the theta wave which has the potential to deeply relax your mind and body allowing for the optimal mental state where you can consciously create your reality. All of these transformation vibrations encoded into heavenly soul lifting, high vibing, amazing music and you now have what I call Energy Medicine Music. We are talking superb works of know-how, expertise, mastery, creativity, imagination, knowledge and craftsmanship mixed with a whole lot of divine inspiration, love and healing! 

Seriously, this IS the finest, top-notch audio energy healing that you’ll own and all at your very own fingertips! YOU become the healer by pushing play whenever you want. It’s healing on your terms and exactly when you want and need it. How cool is that?

You get to push play to relax your mind and body allowing these intelligent effective energies to wash over your entire being, bringing these phenomenal impressive high quality frequencies into every aspect of who you are, transforming your energetic structure for deep, deep mind, body, emotion and soul healing … it just couldn’t get any easier than that.

Right now … experience it for yourself. Click the play button below … close your eyes and just let go … relax and let the energy work its magic. Suspend all thoughts of doubt, confusion, anxiety. Allow yourself the space to widen your scope beyond your “small” self and expand into the brilliant aspect of your highest self. A beautiful vista is awaiting you to drink it in … if you will accept and allow it in. Reconnect to Your Divine Essence and Let Your Light Shine! 

Banish Negativity: Reiki House Clearing

the benefits of lisa whatley energy medicine music

Here's all the awesome ways this energy healing music will help you ...

Listen to a Sample … click play, close your eyes and allow the energies to wash over your entire body.

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This powerful healing audio can be used daily ANY TIME. It’s excellent to use while you are journaling, intention setting, doing affirmation work, healing work, etc.

Here’s what this energy healing audio will help you with …

This REIKI FOR HEALING HOME music clears negative and bad energy from your house. I’ve infused reiki energies into the music to provide a deep clearing of all energy that is not 100% pure divine love and light of the One Creator God. Then ending with a blessing… activating a field of divine love, peace and grace. Anchoring in frequencies of happiness, health, wealth, success, prosperity and forgiveness.

Use this space clearing whenever your home or just a room needs a boost of high vibe goodness!

This reiki music is great to use in a room after someone has been sick to reinstate strong healthy energy patterns into the space. After you’ve had guests visit your home that came with negative attitudes or created a negative situation. You want to remove that lingering energy so you can forget about it and move on with life. You can play it in the room where people play video games and watch television to help raise the vibration of that space. You can use it after a negative experience has taken place like a heated argument or if someone received some devastating news. Basically, whenever the energy in a room feels funky this is when you want to clear out the negative energy residue that is lingering within the space.

This energy clearing audio is like throwing open the curtains and letting the beautiful sun shine into the room again!

Another great time to use this healing audio is when you feel stuck in life or you need a change in your life. When you’re feeling bored or your relationship needs a boost or maybe you need a job change. All these things are pointing at stagnant energy. This is a great time to change the template of your home. Do some spring cleaning regardless if it’s the winter. Clear the clutter, clean everything, move the furniture around. Get rid of the old to make way for the new! And while you are doing these tasks play this audio to super-boost your clutter clearing intentions.

Keep in mind that clearing physical clutter frees up energy and creates space for new and better things to come into your life.

I highly recommend you use this energy healing music with intention when you are meditating, doing manifesting work, building or looking at your vision board, painting, knitting, crocheting, drawing, coloring, sleeping, journaling, reading, practicing yoga, doing self-healing, doing affirmation work, doing mind-set work, during your prayer time, having a bath, doing mantras … there are unlimited possibilities of when you can tap into these healing energies!

60 Minutes of Healing Energy Music … Instant Download!

Remember it’s Encoded Transmissions of Light mixed with Heavenly Soul Music, Theta Wave and 528 Hz Frequency

Listen to a Sample … click play, close your eyes and allow the energies to wash over your entire body.

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Gift Yourself the Freedom to Live Authentically … you’re gonna love it!

This IS the most phenomenal cost effective way to receive the healing you need and exactly at the time you need it because once you own this energy healing music you have instant healing right at your finger tips whenever YOU want … just pop on the energy healing music audio, sit back, relax and allow the high frequency energy healing to wash over your entire being!

This audio has been created by Spirit with Lisa Whatley. All you have to do is push play to receive the high frequency energy healing that is encoded within, a special technique Lisa has been learning and honing since 2003 – One of Kind Healing Technology, gifted to Lisa Whatley. 

Note: You may experience a gentle energetic or emotional release which is helpful in accelerating and deepening your capacity for lasting, positive change. Hydrate yourself adequately.

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