High Vibe Reiki Healing Crystal Grid Programs

Reiki Healing to Unlock New Possibilities and Balance Your Life

I am a Certified Reiki Master Teacher with 20+ years of in-person and distance healing experience. I will use all my experience, abilities and numerous healing modalities in combination with Reiki to ensure your life force energy is restored to optimal levels. Receiving healing energies helps to re-define, balance and strengthen your mind, body and soul assisting you in removing heavy unbalanced energies from your being that will ultimately bring peace, joy, wellness and happiness into your life.

The possibilities are endless when you make yourself a priority and take the time to heal with me!

Each of these Reiki Healing Crystal Grids have been designed by divine guidance using geometric shapes and Reiki Energy to amplify the power of the stones that I have intuitively been guided to use for the highest and best of all participants included for each grid across the 30-days of healing. Some of the grids remain the same for months and others get changed more often. It depends upon what I am intuitively guided to do. 

After each healing period has been completed all the crystals are deprogramed and then cleansed in multiple ways including by the light of the moon ready to be of service for the next healing grid. If they have been selected they are energized with the sun, reiki and divine intention. 

Are you ready to receive continuous high-vibe, high-loving positive healing energy 24 hours a day for 30 days?


Reiki Healing to Unlock New Possibilities and Balance Your Life

I recommend if you are new to energy healing that you select just one healing grid to start with in order to gain the most benefits. Continue with the same healing month after month until the results are starting to appear in your life, then move onto the next healing grid BUT always follow your own guidance. If your guidance says to work with multiple grids and that feels perfect for you then yes go for it as many people have had major success working with multiple grids at the same time!


That’s $1 a day for 720 hours of healing!

Once I receive your payment, you’ll be added to the healing grid of your choice within 48 hours.

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Check out the crystal healing grids below to see which one resonates with you.