Sleep Meditation: Fall Asleep Fast

Sleep Meditation: This Deep Sleep Meditation will provide a much-needed break from your racing thoughts and tired body by easing you to Fall Asleep Fast as you submerge yourself into the scenery until you drift off for a relaxing, rejuvenating and sweet restorative deep night’s sleep.

Using this soothing sleep meditation as a relaxation technique, will help you quiet your mind and body while enhancing inner peace.

Bath in the Moonlight Visualization for Letting Go and Healing

Full Moon Meditation: Bath in the Moonlight Visualization for Letting Go and Healing … This full moon healing guided meditation can be done whenever you are intuitively guided to release something from your life, you don’t have to wait for the energy of the full moon to take time for loving self-care. Anytime you are feeling blocked, confused, things aren’t going your way … just plug yourself into this journey. It’s simple and highly effective, here’s why …

Domestic Violence: Why She Won’t Leave Him

The horrible secret of what goes on behind doors and why she won’t leave him.

So what do you do when your daughter or best friend tells you that her partner has hit her?

Here’s what YOU experience … she shows up at your house clearly upset.

She tells you that she had a fight with her husband. She says it was bad enough that he hit her. That’s all she says.

Instantly … your blood boils … shit just hit the fan!