Are you sick and tired of getting locked out of your accounts because you have forgotten your login information for the hundreds of websites and apps that you use on the daily? Me too! That’s why I created this life-saving password logbook.

Introducing a super discrete password book to organize all your website and app login information

This small password journal has plenty of room for you to record all your website and app passwords, emails and user names along with plenty of blank lined pages for you to record lots of other important information that you don’t want to forget! 

You can use the lined pages for anything but some example uses could be billing companies with account numbers, your wireless settings, all your email addresses and passwords, your software license information and all the email addresses and phone numbers of all the important people in your life, etc.

This password book has so much space it will last you for YEARS to come. 

And yes, I’m quite certain you’ve been told quite a few times by now that you should never, ever write your passwords down, right? It’s a crime and literally the sin of the century!

But you know and I know it, we all use a minimum of fifty websites and apps that require us to login. If we aren’t supposed to write down our information, than for most of us, what do we do? 

We use the same login information for everything right? That way we don’t forget.

Unfortunately, I do not recommend doing that at all. That IS definitely putting your security at high risk therefore every account MUST have a different password. Period. 

And just think about this very scary and real situation that could happen to you …

What happens if your laptop or cell phone crashes,  becomes corrupt, is lost or worse, stolen?

You’ve literally lost everything.

I’ve been there. The hours upon hours spent trying to recover everything is horrendous, and some accounts, I was never able to recover but you don’t have to ever experience this painful life lesson if you plan ahead and write them down in your secret password book.

Or think about this for a minute …

Have you ever been away from home and got logged out of your favorite app or website and you couldn’t remember your login information? I did! I took my kids to an indoor trampoline facility thinking I could get work done while they had a blast playing. Nope, I got locked out of the account I needed access to. “Don’t write down your passwords,” they say. Yeah right look where that got me. If I had of written them down in a password book I wouldn’t have been locked out of my account because I would have brought the book with me!

I’m sure you can feel my pain, total headache right, well the password logbook that I created for you can easily fit in your purse or bag so seriously, buy TWO! You can keep one at home and the other one you can carry with you. That way you’ll never be locked out of anything ever again either!

Tell You'll Never Forget!

Discrete Password Log Book disguised as a suspense novel!

Here's 10 Awesome Reasons to Buy THIS Password Notebook

  1. You can rest easy knowing you won’t ever be locked out of your favorite and important websites ever again because you can’t remember your password information! What a nightmare that is right?!
  2. No more wasting hours of time trying to find all those little bits of scrap paper with login information on them! If you don’t do this then you know someone that does. I was totally guilty of this before I created this password book!
  3. Hello, did you see the cover? Yep, its discrete cover screams romance novel giving no indication that it’s really a secret password logbook. I have a lot of Scorpio in me so privacy is top priority!  
  4. Alphabetical tabs for super easy and fast search mode which allows you to not only record your passwords with ease but you’ll be finding your passwords within seconds too! No one has time to waste.
  5. It has a massive 440 password capacity with loads more of lined pages if you really need it! Seriously this little book will last you for years!

6. It has 150 pages. Each popular letter has twenty spaces for recording information plus a lined note page.

7. Each letter has a space for you to write down the website, the email connected to that account, your username, of course the password and then a line titled notes for whatever you would like to add to that entry.

8. At the end of the notebook you’ll find lots of lined pages for recording anything extra you want.

9. It’s sold on Amazon so you can literally be holding it in your hands tomorrow!

And last but not least …

10. Of course size matters right? Well its small size of 6 x 9 inches makes it not only easy to write in but you can pop it in your purse or bag ready to go wherever you do!

Get your super discrete romance novel looking password book today by clicking the button below so You’ll Never Forget again!


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