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 Sneak Peek at Your Future: Forgiveness for Happiness ⭐⭐

Sneak Peek at Your Future: Forgiveness for Happiness!

The New Year is upon us ... whoop-whoop!

Are you ready to live a life filled with joy, happiness, peace and prosperity? I wanna hear a ... hell yaaaaas!


Perfect ... then you have to let go of your past. Errrrrrk (that's my very bad slamming the brakes on sound) … say whaaaat!?

It's behind you. It doesn't define who you are today UNLESS you let it. If you truly want something different for yourself and life in this upcoming year then you can't bring all your old pain, hurt and anger with you. You MUST let it all go in order to make room for the new you, the new life you want.

Look at it this way ... you desire a life filled with joy, happiness, peace and prosperity in this upcoming year however you kept packed in your suitcase all your pain, anger, resentment and hurts so it's easy to now see that you are actually bringing your past with you so when you arrive in the new year ... you absolutely do unpack the exact same you've always had which means you'll repeat the same life experiences this upcoming year that you have over the past five, ten, fifty years. Nothing changes but maybe your location, the faces and job. Ouch.


If you truly want to experience a whole new happy life ... it's imperative that you Practice Forgiveness.

What the hell Lisa, why forgive? You have no idea what that bleeping-bleep did to me!

I know, I get it. I really do! But you must for this one very powerful empowering reason ... you are setting YOURSELF free!

How in the hell is letting them off the hook for everything they did to me going to help anything. No they deserve to rot in hell. I'm not forgiving them. It will be a cold day in hell before that ever happens! Thanks but no thanks … I'll just continue being miserable, angry and unhappy. Double ouchie.



I was talking to my 17 year old son the other day about forgiveness and to help him understand why it's so important because he was frustrated that over the past few months he keeps attracting the same type of girl into his life.

Here's what I said to him ... The girl you haven't gotten over is the one that is causing all the pain and drama in your life today. Trust me, I get you're really hurt and pissed off at what Sally has done however in order to move past all this and attract the type of girl you really do want to be with then you need to forgive Sally.

His eyes got a little buggy ... and I continued ... I'm not saying you have to talk face to face or even at all and I'm certainly not saying that forgiveness means you have to start hanging out again. That's not what I'm saying at all ... but I want you to really think about this for one second. Deep down you are in pain, you are fearful of being hurt again, you don't trust girls now because of your experience with Sally. Because of all this inner conflict you keep attracting to yourself the same type of girl as Sally so let me ask you this ... do you think Sally is walking around angry and hurt about what she has done to you? (He laughed and was like hell no!) Do you think Sally even thinks about you? (He laughed and said, nope not at all.) Do you think she really cares that you are in any type of pain and suffering? (Again he laughs and said, are you kidding me?) Has she completely moved on with her life as if you didn't even exist? (Yep.) Then why are YOU carrying all this with you? It's time to let it go.


Now understand I'm NOT being insensitive to his pain. He knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that I come to the table with deep questions to help him not hurt him. He knows when he asks for my help what to expect. I'm a Saggie so I get right to the point and can be blunt but never with intentions of hurting. I just don't beat around the bush. He knows that he must become aware of what he has created within himself in order to change why he keeps attracting the same people and situations into his life as he truly has a desire to change it all. He always comes to me and I only guide him to find the answers. He goes deep and moves through his life lessons super quick ... he is now at the point of instant karma. It takes a lot of courage, strength and honesty to be able to dig deep, move into the truth of the situation, past the pain and out of it to freeing yourself to move forward in a whole new direction and life experience.


So I proceed to say to him … if you can see beyond a shadow of a doubt that she isn't being effected by any of this and she has moved on with her life without a thought or care about you at all … then who is REALLY the one being hurt in this situation right now? Who is really the one carrying the poison within their body right now? Who is really the one that is re-creating the same life experiences over and over? Is it her or you? He laughs and says, damn mom! Now what do I do? How do I do this forgiveness thing? (lol) Aha … fast learner!



Now it's so important that you understand that forgiveness in no way condones the other persons behavior. It does not mean that you are accepting that they are right and you are wrong. It simply means YOU are no longer willing to carry the anger, hatred and pain inside your own mind and body anymore. It means you are willing to let go of that poison that is eating YOU alive and stealing YOUR life. It means you are freeing yourself from the hooks, shackles, cords and chains that are not only attached to the person/people that caused you this pain and heartache but also to the trauma that STILL resides hidden within yourself ... that YOU feed with the continued pain YOU carry via the hatred towards the person who did you wrong.

You've got to let it go … to free yourself … not them. Let karma take care of them. You take care of YOU boo.

Forgiveness means you are willing to cleanse and heal your inner wounds and fill them with love and light so you can be set free to live the life you are meant to live. A life filled with happiness, joy, peace, prosperity and love not a life that is filled with despair, anger, hatred and pain because you continue to remain stuck living and feeding your past.

Forgiveness is a journey. It can take a lot of time and work to let go (it can also happen instantly, you choose) but the end result of personal peace and absolute freedom is the reward waiting for you when you fully, completely forgive and let it all go.

Let it all go for YOU ... and leave the rest up to your higher power (God, Source, Infinite Creator, Universe, etc.) to take care of.


And of course you know I'm gonna share some fab tools with you to help you do just that! The following transformative healing infused guided meditation journeys will help you erase negative belief programming and limitations that are causing you pain, conflict and negative experiences in your life.

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I highly recommend one journey in the morning and one journey before bed because it will prove to give you the absolute best results ... remember I transformed my own horror story of a life in under a year by working on myself daily not once a week, not once a month not at random times ... daily, consistently, a lot ... obsessively a lot.


Why would I want to spend so much time doing this Lisa?

Because the more you clear and heal your negative life experiences the quicker you manifest the life you DO want to experience! Seriously, challenge yourself by doing this for just one month. At the end of the month, access your life. See what feels better, notice what has changed and what needs more work and attention … then repeat the process!

I promise you, you won't regret it and I'm looking forward to your email thanking me ... aha lol


Here's the H E A L I N G   J O U R N E Y S ...

There 25+ Healing Journeys on my channel so make sure you SUBSCRIBE because it's continually growing!


Another fab way to heal your past when you don't want to do a guided meditation is to use my healing infused meditation music MP3s … you can use these for background music for when you are doing yoga, meditation, your own healing session, during a relaxing bath and even while you sleep!


My H E A L I N G   I N F U S E D   M U S I C   S T O R E ➡️

There's 20+ healing infused MP3 downloads so be sure to check them out!


You can use aromatherapy as a way to heal too! I've been on this journey since the 90's ... I've got a lot of tools, tips and tricks up my sleeve! Now I recommend that you use essential oils in combination with the healing guided meditation journeys and the healing infused meditation music MP3s. You can also use them with INTENTION during your journal time, bath time and bedtime.


Another fab tool is HEALING CRYSTALS and JEWELRY!


Last but not least … books, books, books! The more knowledge you have the easier it is to turn into wisdom via experience which simply translates too ... do the work! Knowledge is just that unless you apply it.


And as always if you need more assistance visit MY HEALING BOUTIQUE ➡️ … and select a service that resonates deep within your heart and aligns with your soul. 

Peace and Love from My World to Yours …

Have a Blessed Day and EXPECT Miracles!   💖

Lisa Whatley  💋

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