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 Sacred Space Clearing for Your Home ⭐⭐

Is Your Home Feeling Funky, Off, Low Vibe? It's Time to do Some Sacred Space Clearing!

Is Your Home Feeling Funky, Off, Low Vibe?


It's time to Clutter Clear and Smudge Your House to Remove that Negative Energy!


This may be hard to believe but our homes are mirrors of ourselves. They represent who we are, what we think, believe and feel. They show us exactly what is going on inside of ourselves and our lives ... but the majority of people have no awareness of this because it's rather woo-woo.


Let's explore an aspect of this …


Have you ever wondered why one place can feel so amazing and another place feels so horrible that you can't wait to get the heck out of there … even though it may look aesthetically pleasing?


Seriously think about it ... have you ever walked into a room and just felt like "wow, I don't want to be here," or "something doesn't feel right," or "this room gives me the creeps." What about having this experience ... before entering a place/space/room/building you were happy and filled with energy and then out of nowhere you suddenly felt tired and started to have a headache? Have you ever felt the energy when you walked into a room after someone just had an argument ... it's very uncomfortable and totally awkward, right?!


Now let's flip this ... have you ever been to a place where it feels so open and loving that you just don't want to leave ... like ever? What about this … you go somewhere and you're not feeling on top of the world but once you enter this space it feels like heaven and you are able to unwind, relax and fully rejuvenate? These will likely be places that you love visiting often. If you notice, these spaces will most likely be open, spacious, airy, clean, well-organized and clutter free.


So why is there such a difference in how places feel?


All of these examples that I shared with you … are about you tapping into the energy of the space that those before you have created and left behind. Your own home has a particular feeling too. You may not notice it so much yourself because you live there but people visiting may be able to pick up a certain "vibe" and they will either enjoy being there or not so much.


It's important to understand that everything is energy and depending upon the quality of energy that was put into the space and by that I mean ... if there was a fight, if someone constantly played violent movies, music, video games, if someone was sick, if it's dirty, cluttered and unorganized, if someone smoked, drank alcohol, did drugs, was murdered there, etc. this will be a low energy space and you clearly won't feel uplifted and ready to conquer the world. It will leave you feeling depleted, angry, sad, frustrated, tired, broke, etc. If you live in this type of energy ... life will not be filled with peace, abundance and happiness. And believe it or not this energy is left lingering behind even after the prior people have moved out, the walls painted and brand new furniture moved in. Cray right?!


Can you see how important it is to clear the energy and clutter within your own home to get rid of that funky feeling? I'm assuming that you want your home to feel amazing like the places you go visit that leave you feeling like you never want to go home and it's easy enough to accomplish too.


Keep in mind that the energy within your home can profoundly influence all your family members ability to be healthy, loving, creative and even abundant and they also contribute to how the energy feels within the home too. Now some people will say they can't feel anything but on the subconscious level they absolutely are influenced by it.


Clearing your space will literally begin transforming your life and your family members lives too. One of the biggest things people notice is that they feel lighter and happier, more at peace with themselves. Many people also report that they feel as if a weight has been lifted off their shoulders … and on an energetic level ... it really has!


There are numerous benefits to clearing clutter and raising the vibration of your home and I totally understand it's a lot of work if you have a lot of stuff but the end result is absolutely worth every second you spent cleaning it up. Take baby steps if you must … start with one room at a time. You'll be so happy with yourself when you finish that it will motivate you to move onto the next room. You don't have to do this alone … get your family members involved after all it's their mess too.


Once you've cleared out and organized your physical belongings make a commitment to keep this caught up with daily tidy up times, weekly clean ups and once a month "spring clean ups." Why wait an entire year when you can get rid of it at the end of the month? This takes up far less time than spring clean ups do.


C L U T T E R   C L E A R I N G   T I P S :


➡️ Throw out or donate what you no longer use.

➡️ Get rid of everything that is broken … you aren't going to fix it.

➡️ If you have stuff lying around that you don't love … get rid of it.

➡️ Get rid of all the clothes stored away … you aren't going to wear them.

➡️ Get rid of the gadgets you put in storage in case you might use them … you never will.

➡️ Aunt Sally gave you a gidget that you hate … get rid of it.


All of this excess "stuff" is just collecting heavy weight in your space because it is unused and unloved and may even have your own negative thoughts and feelings attached to it. So it has to go if you want a high-vibing-love-filled space that nourishes your soul and lifts you up on the daily.


Once the room is cleared of clutter and junk and only the items you absolutely love are left it's time to wash everything … walls, lamps, tables, ceiling, floors, curtains, loved items, blankets and curtains. If it can be washed … do it. Once everything has been washed and dried it's time to organize everything making sure there is a special place for all your belongings. Now add some love to your room with candles, an essential oil diffuser, a salt lamp, some crystals, throws, pictures, books, a table top water fountain and even plants.


The physical aspect is done now it's time to clear any remaining negative, heavy energy via smudging and add positive, loving energy that you want the space to serve. Example … a bedroom you may want it to feel loving, relaxing, rejuvenating and peaceful. The livingroom you may want it to feel inviting, warm, loving and uplifting.


When it's done stand back and observe the awesomeness of your newly transformed space and most importantly notice how good it feels! This just might be the most gravitated too area of your house now ... but keep going. Make your entire house feel like heaven's hug.


If you are completely new to sacred space clearing and setting intentions no worries I'm going to share with you the best high quality tools that I use and highly recommend to help you clear and raise the vibration of your home making it feel like your own little piece of paradise that you never want to leave! Be warned tho … your company may begin to over-stay their visiting hours lol


I started on this journey 25+ years ago and these are some of the best tools I've come across that are easily accessible. … all of them are talked about in Denise's book (Sacred Space) that will also provide information on how to clear and instantly uplift the energy in your home and how to use the tools.



And of course I always want to make sure I provide tools for your personal energy body … so here are some healing infused guided meditation journeys for just that!



And as always if you need more assistance visit MY HEALING BOUTIQUE ➡️ ... and select a service that resonates deep within your heart and aligns with your soul.

Peace and Love from My World to Yours ... 

Have a Blessed Day and EXPECT Miracles!   💖

Lisa Whatley  💋

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