Make last year, THE last year of tolerating less than you deserve!
No one is coming to save you my friend. This life of yours is 100% your responsibility.
Lisa Whatley
intuitive Healer, meditation guide and Digital creator

Healing Meditation Library

Healing. Expansion. Peace. Clarity. Restoration. Balance.

Experience a more balanced, peaceful you without leaving your home with our FREE Online Meditations! Relax within minutes with Lisa’s calm and soothing voice helping you. Engineered to perfection with energy healing infusions of light and sound. Completely free.


Meditation Journal

It has a morning and evening page, a meditation planner page, a goal-setting page plus a thirty-day progress tracker page to help you create a healthy habit of happiness via meditation and journaling.


Insight Timer

Lisa Whatley is a meditation teacher on the popular app called Insight Timer!



Lisa Whatley is a meditation teacher on the popular app called Aura Health. Claim your 30 Day Aura Guest Pass, my treat to help you find peace and get restful sleep with me on Aura!

Essential Oils & Diffusers

100% pure essential oils without the huge price tag!

Diffusers with a few drops of 100% pure heavenly scented essential oils make your home and workspace smell amazing! They literally transform your space into a personal aromatherapy oasis!

Get started refreshing your air and home decor with essential oil diffusers.

Amazon Library

Information and products all the way from changing your mindset to learning about the energy body. These come in the form of books – both reading and audio – and I promise the information within them will blow your mind and transform your reality!

You have to put in the work, you have to show up for yourself. You have to up-level your knowledge. You have to learn what you don’t know in order to grow. 

These are amazing books and I’m so excited to share them with you!

Experience a Healing

The healing energy I have encoded into this beautiful reiki healing journey connects you with Divine Source Energy while you are meditating or in a relaxed open and receptive state of being.

NOTE … In order to receive MAXIMUM healing, it is EXTREMELY POWERFUL when you lie down and participate in YOUR healing.

Angel Healing

Get free access right now to many Mystical and Magical Meditations.

I’d love to guide you through these profound and life-changing journeys!

PS: I’m always adding more journeys for you! 

Empowered Woman

Have you ever thought to yourself, “why can’t I just have peace in my life?”

Well my friend, that’s where these healing guided meditations fit in!



Journaling Prompts


Cheat Sheets


Motivation Screen Savers


Decide You Want the Best Life

Choose to team up with the best life you can have by taking your life to the next level.

Psychic Attack

A self healing audio for clearing and protecting. It’s perfect for empaths and highly sensitive people.

J-Seal & Implant Removal

Reclaim your power and sovereignty by removing negative and destructive implants and seals from your body.


Crystal Grids are energetic technology in action. They synthesize powerful crystal vibrations and sacred geometric energy for healing.


Experience a more balanced, peaceful you without leaving your home with our FREE Online Meditations!


This angel meditation is infused with healing energies. It will connect you with your healing angel to bring about peace, healing, guidance and love while also cleansing your body of all negativity. This journey will allow you to go through your day with protection, healing and grace … GET FREE INSTANT ACCESS … and enjoy your journey!