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⭐ ⭐ Open and Heal Your Heart | Light Energy | Self Care | Healing Meditation ⭐ ⭐

Guided Meditation for Opening Your Heart, Healing & Relaxation| Self Healing | Divine Love


If you want to stimulate, open, activate & dissolve issues of trust then this guided meditation for opening your heart, healing & relaxation will be perfect for you!

A Healing Meditation: this journey is more than just a guided meditation, it's a powerful healing tool that has high frequency energetic infusions of light encoded into the recording along with a few affirmations to assist you in reprogramming your mind with positive intentions. The guided imagery allows you to view the possibilities of your perfect life along with taking some time to offer forgiveness in order to receive all the divine blessings in your life that are rightly yours.

The energetic infusions of light will help you specifically in the following ways:

☑ helps to stimulate, open & activate your heart chakra
☑ helps to dissolve the walls of mistrust
☑ calms & cleanse your entire energy body also called the auric field
☑ clears the emotional body & helps you to release old emotional programming & karmic recycling
☑ helps to release stress & tension, anger & resentment, fear & suspicion
☑ assists in calming your mind helping you to release worry, fear, anxiety & past emotional trauma
☑ and a lot more so as always you should be feeling absolutely fab once you come back to waking consciousness!

Now start your essential oil diffuser, grab your journal, meditation eye mask, rose quartz & amethyst crystals, get comfy & relax into this amazing meditation.



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Lisa Whatley's Guided Meditation Healing Journeys are an amazing way to relax deeply, let go of stress, raise your vibration, uplevel your energy and transform your life!




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►►► To dive right in & bypass the introduction skip ahead to 9:00 ... you're welcome! 💖

0:00 - 9:00 Minutes: Intro: How to Get the Best Out of the Healing Journey
9:00 - 1:11:52 Minutes: Guided Meditation Journey
1:11:52 - 1:17:24 Minutes: Relaxing Journaling Music


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Music ♫

"Perspectives" "Ever Mindful" "Organic Meditation Three" "White Lotus" "Peace of Mind" "Relaxing Piano Music" "Sovereign" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License








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