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Problems need an energy to live and life is too short to continue suffering ... it's time to let it all go! Set yourself free so you can step into the next highest version of yourself. 

Release Your Past - Karma Cleanse with Lisa Whatley

Did you land on this page because you are at a place in your life where you are searching for answers on how to create a better life for yourself? I've been there.

I remember when I first started my journey back in the early-nineties I started looking for answers because I couldn't figure out why everyone else seemed to have this perfect life and mine was a complete disaster … worse than a train-wreck. It didn't make sense to me that some people seemed to have it all while others were struggling just to be happy.

Keep in mind this was back in a time when very few houses had access to the internet. We couldn’t just jump online and hit up google searching for the answers to our questions however the answers were available to us only they were much harder to find. I found them when I was following those inner nudges or recognized those coincidences that seemed to appear like magic.

And that is exactly what happened one particular day.

Crying and extremely frustrated with my life at that point I jumped in my car and just started to drive. I ended up at a local mall that I rarely ever visited with no purposeful intention on what I was doing, miserable as hell and just walking aimlessly around while pondering life when I ran into a book store. They had their books in bins outside of their store entrance. I felt compelled to walk to the bin and I kid you not a book title jumped right out at me that literally started to change everything for me! It said, Change Your Mind, Change Your Life. It was a massive a-ha moment … and my journey slowly began.

If you just randomly landed on this page (I truly don't believe in random but hey) and don't know who I am my name is Lisa Whatley and once I finally decided to put on my big-girl panties and dive deep into the meaning of life … everything changed. Back then I was just a regular person, stuck in the matrix, repeating the same pattern over and over again, day in and day out and in all honesty not even realizing I was repeating the same dreadful patterns! Although oddly enough I used to say often "same shit, different day." Well I am so happy to say that, that has all changed now!

Today I do my absolute best at creating my life on purpose. I'm still human after-all and absolutely still mess up from time to time and create things that I didn't consciously intend but when I do this I am able to quickly re-cover and address whatever it is and carry on.

And now I even have titles to identify myself! I'm a Truth Seer, a Modern Day Mystic, a Master Energy Alchemist, an Intuitive Guide, a Heart-Centered Soul Whisperer, an Indigo Warrior, a Badass Way Shower, a Rebel Lightworker and a Soul Aligned Entrepreneur and I absolutely love, love, love helping women release their past traumas and self-limiting blocks so they can harness their inner power to embrace the cosmic goddess they truly are!

THAT is why you landed here and it brings me so much joy helping women just like you to let go of all of your old dead stories that are literally holding you back from living your life with happiness, joy, peace, contentment, ease, flow and abundance.

Before my own transformation I wasn't using any of those gifts. I had to learn how to open myself up, embrace them and then step into them and that only happened after I did all the internal work. It's really super important for me to point out that you were born with really cool, amazing and wild divine gifts too!

We all have unbelievable powerful gifts. The majority of us just forgot about them because we learnt at a very young age that these "gifts" weren't acceptable by main stream society. Well it's 2018 and if you have actually taken the time to look around you'll notice that everyone is starting to wake up ... finally!

Loads of people are finally embracing their divine gifts. Talking about all things "woo" is becoming very common place. This is such an exciting time to be alive but let me ask you will you finally wake up and embrace your divine gifts too? Are you ready to let go of all the limiting stories so you can step into your brand new life the one that you get to create? Is THAT why you were guided to me?

In the end … this will always remain your choice. No one is going to force you into giving up your pain, your stories and living small. And no one is going to shove you into living your dream life either. You get to make that choice. Stay exactly where you are right now or allow yourself a little bit of excitement to see the possibility of something even just a little bit better than where you are ... I say yaaas to that!


Today I specialize in working with women who feel stuck, confused or frustrated with that same repetitive problem that just seems to keep repeating itself no matter what you do. This could be that you keep getting stuck in the same kinds of relationships, crappy jobs and maybe you are just sick and tired of not having the income you desire. It doesn't really matter where you are stuck it always comes back to the same thing. You have some unresolved energy blocks that need to be removed. Old karma that needs to be cleaned up and let go.

So together we will peel away the old programming and conditioning you are currently trapped in. This will allow you the opportunity to start living in alignment with your souls highest truth and stepping into the next highest version of yourself. This leads to joy, fulfillment, happiness, peace, abundance.

It's important to note that life is a journey. Each step you take builds on the next. You aren't going to go from stay-at-home mom to world-wide superhero overnight BUT you can get there … one step at a time and since I was able to transform my entire life in less than a year while being a single stay at home mom of four kids under the age of nine … I have faith and fully believe you can as well.

  • Are you ready to give up repeating negative patterns and start experiencing the magic of unlimited possibilities?
  • Are you ready to map out your future?
  • Are you ready to take aligned action?
  • Are you ready to step into alignment with your soul?
  • Are you ready to allow your life to flow with ease?
  • Are you ready to do all this without making excuses?

If you answered yes, you are in the right place but let me share a little more with you to really make sure you want to take the time to actually change your life because it isn't all about flowers and butterflies. I wish I could grant you three wishes, wave a magic wand and have everything change for you. It doesn't work like that. I need you to really understand that you will have up days and down days. You'll make progress and then feel like you've fallen backwards again. This is a process. This is life. You will have to commit to the process. You will have to put in the work. You will have to make a plan. You will have to take action. You will have to sacrifice things that are no longer in alignment with who you want to be. All this can be scary. Change is scary but YOU are in control. You apply the gas or apply the brakes. It's your life. Just know that all of this taken a baby step at time will eventually get you to your destination. I personally didn't take baby steps. I ran and leapt tall buildings because I wanted change so bad! How fast or slow you go is entirely up to you.

Together let's dive deeper …

  • Are you tired of not feeling good enough, of doubting yourself, of feeling rejected or worrying all the time about money and relationships?
  • Are you tired of repeating those old annoying patterns and feeling like nothing ever changes and nothing ever works out for you?
  • Do you have dreams that you tucked away because you feel it is pointless to go after them?
  • Have you tried making the new year resolution and you swear that this is the year that you change it all … but by the end of week one the entire plan crumpled as you fell back into your old self-sabotaging ways and listened to your inner critic and just gave up?

You don't have to be on this hamster wheel of repeating cycles! You absolutely can change it all.

There is a reason you're failing miserably. It's caused by your mind running on auto-pilot.

Whaaaat? Yep, it's true.

Your mind … remember I said above I ran across the book "Change Your Mind, Change Your Life" … that was my a-ha moment. I know beyond a shadow of doubt this is true. Your thoughts, beliefs and actions create your reality! Isn't that mind-boggling?!

What you experience in life and the part of your mind that is on autopilot is picking up the old cues from years ago even as far back as your childhood ( and further ) and sends out signals based on that information which continues to run the same old program that creates the reality you experience based on your inner belief projections.

Your mind is that powerful. Think of it like the control center in your iPhone and all your beliefs are the apps that run it. When we clean up all the old programs that you have running on auto-pilot, clear up your entire energy field and then program it with everything you want … your life changes.

I'm going to share with you the exact processes that I used to change my life from absolutely broken to pretty darn good and how you can begin to implement these into your own life too!

It's time to finally get over all the garbage that is blocking you from living your life purpose. Will you actually step up and make this your best year yet?

Don't let all your bullshit be bigger than your dreams!
Stop making all the excuses.

I've heard them all … too tired, don't feel like it, I don’t know how, I can't, I don't have the time, I don't have the money, my husband won't let me, my work gets in the way, we're in mercury retrograde … excuses.

Stop the bullshit. Just quit.
Ask yourself … do you want a different result or not?

You are either going to take action and get to where you want to be or you're going to stay where you are not living up to your full potential.

If you've read this far I'm pretty sure you're in?

Let's do this Goddess!


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OPTION ONE: I'm Ready but Only One Step at a Time! 


Baby steps are just fine as long as you keep stepping forward! Don't use this as an excuse to stay where you are. Change requires work. Change can appear scary. Together we can start laying the beginning foundation ( removing what is blocking you ) to help alleviate that fear but know if you always look for excuses on why you can't change some aspect of your reality you will never reach your true potential. You will continue to allow all your baggage to hold you back so if you are a chronic excuse maker please do not click that button. I only want to work with women who are ready to drop their excuses and commit to the work because I want you to succeed. Your success is my success. I know you can do this ... but you have to believe that too!

So if you'd like to have my personal support removing one layer of fear at a time then go ahead and click that button below right now to lock in your place before I raise my rates!

Karma Cleanse with Lisa Whatley

Yep I am ready! I know I have a lot of stored trauma, repeating patterns, pain because the quality of my life is reflecting that. I'm ready to start the journey in taking full responsibility for it with ZERO excuses so I can begin to release the blocks one session at a time.

I'm definitely ready to do the work but I'm only willing to invest in myself just a little bit for right now. I just want to get a taste of what it feels like to let go of where I am today with your help so that soon enough I can fully step into the next level of my life ... so yes please ... let's do this! 

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Oh hell yaaas Lisa, I am a VIP Cosmic Goddess and ready to let it all go now!

I know I have a lot of stored trauma, repeating patterns, pain because the quality of my life is reflecting that. I am ready to take responsibility for my creations with absolutely ZERO excuses so I can begin to release this non-sense once and for all!

I am ready to do the work! I am ready to commit myself to this amazing journey of letting go of everything that is holding me back, letting go of where I am today so that I can fully and completely step into the next amazing level of my life ... so please ... let's do this! 

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