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Year of Guidance Oracle Card Readings

12 Months of Readings - a Reading for Every Month in 2019!


Order the Year of Guidance Oracle Card Reading to receive a full view of what lies ahead for you in 2019! This particular card reading gives you month by month insight into your entire year ahead and you receive it all at once!

These Year of Guidance Oracle Card Readings are only offered as a service ONCE A YEAR from the first of November until December 22 so that you are prepared for the year ahead.

If you are seeing this they are back and NOW is the time purchase BUT unfortunately these are only offered on a limited basis because I only have so much time in a day to complete them. If these resonate within your heart space don't hesitate in placing your order because once I've reached my limit ... they are gone until the end of next year!

NOTE: You will receive your completed reading via email between December 23rd through to December 31st depending upon the placement of your order but most importantly you will have received it before January 2019 ready to co-create your life with the perfect guidance and right tools!

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Lisa Whatley uses PayPal because it's the faster, more secure way to pay online. You don't need a PayPal account and Lisa Whatley doesn't receive any of your banking information.

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⭐⭐ A Year of Guidance ⭐⭐

Get direction and a clear path to follow for all of 2019!

Knowing in advance what your future holds gives you the ultimate power in co-creating your life. As an example if you see in your reading that for the month of April you've got some challenges coming up you'll be able to prepare yourself for them ahead of time. You'll know how to take advantage of this energy in order to create a more harmonious transition through it. That is empowering ... if you don't like what is coming you change it! It's that's simple.

Now flip that ... if you receive guidance that in the month of May you have the potential for financial success well now you are empowered to really work with this energy by taking action and doing everything necessary to manifest exactly that!

You are in complete control of how you respond to the energies that are presented. The only part I play is to help you see what these energies are so that you can take full advantage of this guidance making your journey the best it can be.

Once a year I offer YOU a glimpse into your future ... that time is NOW!

I'm excited, let's do this!

Oracle Card Readings Year of Guidance with Lisa Whatley

⭐ ⭐Year of Guidance: 12 Months of Readings! A Reading for Every Month of 2019⭐ ⭐

12 Months of Readings - a Reading for Every Month in 2019!

Messages and Guidance from Spirit ... Life Transformation!

I personally pick the cards specifically for you, for each month, all divinely guided by spirit. I then give you the meaning for each of the cards you received along with offering you solutions on how to best work with the energies being presented.


What's the difference between a Psychic Reading and receiving an Oracle Card Reading from Lisa?


A psychic will only tell you what the future holds. They aren't offering anything of value in the sense of things you need to do to change your current path … and that's where I come in but first let me set the record straight  … I am NOT offering you a twelve month psychic reading. That's not what this is. That's not what I am offering you. I'm offering you much, much more than that! I'm offering you helpful, valuable information that has the potential to change your life if you choose to work with the information provided. 

The type of reading that I do is much more empowering as it will allow YOU to dig within and heal the patterns that are causing you the problems you are experiencing within your life.

The yearly view of cards will show me what is possibly upcoming in your life and therefore I am able to provide messages that will help you uncover the things that are holding you back from moving forward into a new way of being, living and experiencing your life. You can liken this type of reading as having another set of eyes, offering a new way of seeing things, a larger possibility.

I don't just tell you what is happening … that is useless information as far as I'm concerned because you already know what is happening in the moment! I offer you guidance through intuition received from the messages within the cards. I am then able to take this information and formulate questions for you to do your inner work and THAT is the most important aspect of my readings. It is after the reading that your healing begins but only when you do the work required.

My readings are meant to empower, uplift and shift you!

Knowing that ... are you ready to boldly transform 2019 into your best year yet? Are you ready to see what your future holds?


YES... I'm IN!

I'm ready to see what 2019 holds for me and move onward and upward in my life ... let's do this!

12 Monthly Readings Received at One Time: $497USD

Saving You $667 compared to a month by month reading!

Reminder: Your entire twelve month reading will be emailed to you between December 23rd and December 31st. I send out in order of payments received.


Here is how it works ... after you submit your payment I will complete your healing reading based on the question that I ask on your behalf ... what do I most need to know for the month of  __ 2019? I continue to do this for all twelve months. At the end of December 2018 I will email you your entire 2019 written review. You will be able to reference this guide book throughout the year. It will provide you valuable insight, guidance, healing and exercises all designed to help you transform your life!









⭐ ⭐ Whatever the mind is taught to expect ... it will build, produce and bring forth for you! ⭐ ⭐

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