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12th Dimensional Pillar of Light 3

Hey Beautiful Soul!


If you are new to today's journey I would highly recommend that you listen to the entire journey from start to finish so you will be consciously aware of what will take place and you'll know exactly what to expect, no surprises along the way, this will also allow you to decide whether this journey and information resonates with you or not. Remember I preach discernment ZenFriends, so please use it. Never open your energy field to anything or anyone without getting that inner direction from your own guidance okay, there is so much new age disinformation out there that you have to learn to trust yourself. Stop giving your power away and blindly following the newest self-proclaimed master of whatever system they are trying to sell you. Go within and  learn how to receive your own guidance. Super important.


Now when you  listen to the journey from start to finish this will allow you to form a visual before actually participating. It's kinda complex when you first begin but with practice you'll be able to do it within seconds, it literally becomes second nature. Listen to the journey once over, feel if it resonates with you, if it does, I highly recommend you SUBSCRIBE to my channel then add this journey to your playlist so you can come back to it again and again. Optionally you can purchase it here and download it to your phone so you can pop in your earbuds, push play and bring yourself back into balance every time you get triggered, start to feel confused or your mood suddenly shifts. And because this process is a foundational protection technique, this means, I highly recommend that you do this every single day, morning, noon and night. Memorize it ZenFriend, actually for those of you just starting out, to remind yourself to do this, set up timers in your phone, starting with the minute your eyes open and then for every three hours during your day. Then when they go off you'll stop and quickly reinforce your protective field. I'm telling you with continued use you will begin to notice a huge difference and you'll want to do it without fail.


Now I'll share some information about the 12th dimensional pillar of light and why it's so important for you to build it because it only makes sense that you would want to know WHY you are doing this right?!


This technique is a powerful process that will help you clear, align, protect and strengthen your energy body, your energy house which will then help you to repel negative, dense or disharmonic frequencies associated with all types of negative energy, psychic attack and all other means of personal field infiltrations so you can properly maintain the natural  organic integrity of your energy body which will then help restore physical revitalization. This is a process that you want to teach to your kids. For real. When you become proficient in it yourself, like within the next week, start to teach it to your kids. This is the best gift that you could ever give them. This is something that everyone can benefit from so share it with all your ZenWooWooFriends!


Now, not only is this technique powerful for the protection that it provides for you BUT this light technique also begins the process of activating the 8th through 12th chakras, assists with the opening of the crystal seals in the body which otherwise block DNA activation, it helps to trigger DNA activations which progressively and automatically activate the full merkaba, amplifies the results of spiritually focused activities, harmonizes personal and environmental energies, helps to clear karmic imprints which otherwise block DNA activation and the attainment of true consciousness expansion and full embodiment of the Christos Principle, realigns, revitalizes and regenerates all aspects of the physical and subtle body systems and more. So as you can see this technique is much more than just a protection tool. It reconnects you to your 12th dimensional blueprint and ZenFriend it gets better still! It helps you learn energetic boundaries which allows you to test energies that you come into contact with and also those that are uninvited. Which is super cool because this puts you in complete control! No one, seen or unseen, can screw you over anymore. You'll know exactly what their true motive is before you ever get involved with them. How cool is that right … yaaas!


This tool helps empower you by stopping and looking within always … because everything you need is within, you just have to practice tapping into it. I'm telling you as you learn this yourself you won't even need to be listening to anything that I share with you anymore because you will be inner guided to do whatever you need to do that is necessary for your own evolution without input from outside sources. Everything you need is within. All the answers. All the guidance. Everything and once embrace this you will truly understand freedom.


This technique also begins the process of restoring the communication links with your spiritual team of light serving the law of one. There is so much this one technique helps you do! It's powerful stuff right?! Waaaay more powerful than the bubble of white light that many of us were taught to use eons ago!


Next up, I'd like to quickly share with you the most common causes of a weak aura or weak energy field because when you have weakness, you are not in balance, when you are not balanced , you are open to all sorts of negative infiltrations that weaken your general health and well-being. You have to be proactive in generating a strong aura which increases your energetic balance and health in every layer of your multi-dimensional body.


Okay so the following contribute to a weak energy field and this is to just give you an idea an overview, it's not the entire list: negative emotions, destructive thought forms, unresolved emotional conflicts, destructive relationships, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, drugs, addictions of any kind, low electromagnetic fields generated from technology like cellphones, computers, tv's, microwaves, etc … solar flares, anything that causes stress, shock, emotionally traumatic experiences, extreme grief, depression, guilt, shame. Okay so stuff like this weakens your energy field and this light technique that I'm taking you through today helps you strengthen your energy field. Again, super important that you commit to making this a daily practice.


Now after you  have practiced this with commitment and dedication on a regular basis --- and that means DAILY practice ZenFriends, especially if you want to experience results --- because with continued use what happens is you'll begin to have new levels of awareness emerge. Yep, an awakening begins which is truly a beautiful thing. Like I said this is a powerful technique if you dedicate the time to it.


Also THIS technique is important right now because it is necessary to prepare your energy body and your nervous system to be receptive to the huge influx of higher frequencies that are here and will continue to permeate the earth plane. This energy that is throwing everyone off balance right now is not going to stop. Seriously it's not going to stop. I don't care what all the new age channelers, astrologers, healers, psychics, mediums or whoever are saying about this, I'm going with my own intuition so that's what I'm sharing with you, so if you perceive this differently no problem, just take away from this the technique then and just leave the rest behind. It's okay, but it is my belief that we are in a time of no return and the energy is forcing you to change. Period. Basically the energy is asking you --- ok who am I kidding --- it isn't asking you, it is showing you where you are stuck. It's telling you to get with the program or go down hard. It's totally and completely up to you. We live on a free will planet no one is going to force you to change … but fighting it … is going to cause extreme levels of hardship. It's just the way it rolls. You have to shift with the energies. You have to increase your vibration in order to be able to flow with the new higher energies that are permeating everything on the earth plane. Nothing is left untouched. This energy is here to awaken you to the truth that has been hidden from you. So seriously, for a moment just disregard what everyone is saying in regards to this energy passing by … do nothing … blah blah blah … rather be pro-active and use the energy to your advantage. Don't just throw your arms up in the air and give up. In the long run you'll regret it okay. You have to take responsibility for this so think instead along these lines … and journal the answers okay … be like, wow I'm getting hit hard with this energy right now, clearly my life is turning upside down, my health is gone whack, my relationships are rocky, so how can I be responsible for myself and take full responsibility for what I personally am experiencing? What is God Source asking for me to look deep within to change? What can I do to make things better?What can I change in my life to help bring balance back into my life? Start there. Be proactive. Start seeking different solutions from what you have already been doing. Make the necessary changes to uplevel your energetic vibration. That is the only way your life will get back on track. Everything that is being turned upside down in your life is meant to be transformed into something even better and remember that only YOU can be responsible for your own energetic upleveling. This is completely an inside job, an inside awakening. And if there is one thing that I can share with you about myself it's that I'm truly passionate about making sure you understand how important it is to embrace your inner world, your inner self, your inner guidance so that you can truly embrace your true divine origin. I want to see a world of empowered people, with no more manipulation, just unity, love, peace, connectedness and in order to do this, everyone has to stop giving their power away to sources outside of themselves. This light technique is a tool to use to empower yourself, to free yourself, to become sovereign because there is nothing more powerful than your own direct connection to our God Source … … … wouldn't you agree?


When we intentionally meditate and practice this technique, what we are doing is placing our attention on our lightbody to help strengthen, protect and grow our personal consciousness body. The lightbody is our structure which is required to house our electromagnetic energies of our soul-spirit bodies in order to connect them with our physical human body. I'm not going to go super woowoo here just some basics, so when we shift our energy by focusing our conscious attention upon it, eventually we shift our consciousness. Without doing this, we cannot know the highest expression of our nature, our multi-dimensional God Selves. It will remain hidden to us until we know the deepest inner contents of our human self in the here and now timeline, therefore self-study is self-mastery. Learn as much as you can about yourself because this is the pathway to expanding your consciousness and awakening. The light technique tool is going to help you energetically but you've got to work with your own consciousness too … these go hand in hand. Don't just rely on this light technique and change nothing else in your life. You are not going to get the results you seek. I always preach this, so I gotta do it again, this is a lifestyle not a once a year trip or when the full moon rolls around okay. This is a journey that you need to  incorporate into your daily life just like eating, bathing, brushing your teeth etc. You have to understand how important this is for your own evolution. No one can do this for you. This is your responsibility as a soul that choose to come to earth. It is wake up time. Literally now or never. I have to stress that one of the biggest things to embrace is the knowing that you must take full responsibility for the quality of your thoughts, behaviors and actions. Ok this is the second tool. This goes hand in hand with the light technique because all consciousness that is created has a direct cause and effect. You create your reality. What you put out you will get back. And that is just what you create in your own little bubble of reality! But in truth if you have similar thoughts to others,  you are pooling your energies into the collective which creates the bigger reality we experience as a whole. Okay transform your thoughts and we transform our world. Just imagine how powerful and how quick society could change if everyone just took care of their own thoughts. That'd be like transformation on steroids right! So keep this in mind --- all the thoughts the think, about your money, your relationships, your body, your health, everything, every subject, create the outer world that you experience. Whatever you got going on inside, is what your outer world will reflect back to you. It's like mirror mirror on the wall. What you see is reflecting back at you from what is going on inside you. Okay, so it is imperative to clear all unresolved conflicts that create anxiety in your mind, emotions and body in order to adapt to the shifting timelines and to maintain your sanity. Again SUBSCRIBE to my channel and look for other guided meditations and healing journeys that will assist you with this process. Please be patient with me as I build this healing library for you. It takes a lot of my free time to create these.

Finally before the journey begins, I've got to say it again. This process should be used daily and reinforced throughout your day when any "disturbance" takes place that throws you off balance. Okay, so after a few weeks of continually using this guided meditation you will no longer need to use this guided meditation itself as a tool because you'll have it memorized and you'll be able to build your pillar and shield and connect with Source extremely quickly, less than a minute in most cases.


Last but not least, if you love today's healing journey and you know someone that would benefit from it, please be a ZenFriend and share it with them! AND of course I would love, love, love if you would give this video a thumbs up and please share your experiences in the comments below. Also let me know what other kind of healing journey you would like for me to create for you and most likely I'll make it happen so drop those in the comments too! Now ZenFriends, you've got a ton of information so let's get into the healing ZenZone … and journey IN!


Trigger DNA Activations plus Lightbody Protection! 💖

DNA Activation Guided Meditation & 12D Shield Building Technique

Guided Meditation to trigger DNA Activation plus Lightbody Protection using this phenomenal 12D Shield Building Technique! A super powerful light protection technique that will help you clear, align, protect and strengthen your energy body which will then help you to repel negative, dense or disharmonic frequencies associated with all types of negative energy, psychic attack and all other means of personal field infiltration.

Not only is this technique powerful for the protection that it provides for you BUT this light technique also ...

➡️ begins the process of activating the 8th through 12th chakras
➡️ assists with the opening of the crystal seals in the body which otherwise block DNA activation
➡️ it helps to trigger DNA activations which progressively and automatically activate the full merkaba
➡️ amplifies the results of spiritually focused activities
➡️ harmonizes personal and environmental energies
➡️ helps to clear karmic imprints which otherwise block DNA activation & the attainment of true consciousness expansion & full embodiment of the Christos Principle
➡️ realigns, revitalizes & regenerates all aspects of the physical & subtle body systems & more!

So as you can see this technique is much more than just a protection tool, it reconnects you to your 12th dimensional blueprint and it gets better still ➡️ it helps you learn energetic boundaries !

Grab your journal, get comfy and relax into this amazing meditation.





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Light Technique Adapted from Ann Hays & Lisa Renee

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I am a Modern Day Mystic, Energy Intuitive, Heart-Centered Soul Whisperer, Reiki Master Teacher/Energy Healer, Life Transformation Coach, Spiritual Growth Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Meditation Guide, Law of Attraction Expert, Rebel Light Worker, Indigo Warrior and a Soul Aligned Entrepreneur who lives life on my own terms and absolutely refuses to be limited by other people's rules and ideas ... but it wasn't always that way!


Healing myself first and then holding Sacred Space for others to Heal is my Priority, Passion and Purpose.


I have a story just like everyone does. My story might be a little harder than yours. Yours might be a little harder than mine. I'm not sure that those differences really matter unless you are stuck in your story. It's remaining stuck in your story, replaying it over and over where the difference between our lives becomes clear.

Until I was 30 years old I continually created my life based on my story of being sexually abused for many years as a very young girl by multiple males. Let me explain.


Now I clearly didn't know this until I started shifting my story but ... from the moment we are in our mother's uterus until seven years of age we are downloading massive amounts of information and being programmed with how the world works.


EVERYTHING that we downloaded before the age seven becomes the dominate programs that shape the experience of our lives therefore if you grew up in a dysfunctional family or suffered any type of trauma or abuse ... you'll continue repeating this pattern until one day like myself you decide enough is enough and do whatever it takes to change it.


Looking back I see clearly how experiencing that trauma sculpted the story I was stuck in.


Let me quickly break it down.


📌  Sexually Abused ... the programs it created within me: the world isn't a safe place, can't trust anyone, massive shame, deep hatred for men, men are abusive, etc. so these types of programs running within me created the end result of attracting my first abusive relationship at the age of 18 but before that because of ...


📌  Feeling massive shame and humiliation ... low self-esteem, not worthy enough, not good enough, no one cares, life has no purpose, life is cruel, people are selfish and mean, etc. these types of programs running within me created the end result of ...


📌  Suicidal Ideation


📌  Drug, Alcohol and Cigarette Addictions


Which created the end result of ...


📌  Dropping out of High School


📌  Living in Poverty


Which created more of the same nightmarish existence except magnified because I was really investing in the programs by now. I truly believed life sucked big ass monkey balls and I didn't give a flying fuck about anything until my kids came along so up until that point since I was so invested in these internal programs I had massive amounts of proof that it was all true. Which created the ultimate life teaching experiences ...


📌  Abusive Relationship with a Sociopath


Which created the entire continual cycle of my life ...


📌 Physical Abuse

📌 Emotional Abuse

📌 Mental Abuse

📌 Addictions

📌 Poverty


All of this ... held in place by the programs I carried that living in this world is unsafe, unkind, unforgiving and men are extremely hurtful abusive assholes.


Until one day I had enough. I finally managed to escape with my four children while receiving police assistance after fourteen years of living in hell with him.


That's when I started to change my story and when I changed my story ... my entire life changed.


My personal journey inspired me to help other women like myself who needed a hand up in life. Today, I support women shift their life. I support them in creating a different life story by utilizing their inner power in order to transform their outer reality so they can become the best version of themselves and get the life of their dreams in the fastest time possible.


It ALL starts with changing your mind. It's not as hard as you think either! With the right tools, the right support system and most importantly the desire to experience a different life than you currently are ... even one small step in a different direction can put you on an entirely different path in life.


Yes it is possible! I know it. I lived it and so can you!  💖


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