The Magic of White Light Healing

Gain Access to an Almost FREE White Light Healing Session!

Unlock New Possibilities and Balance Your Life

EVERY TIME you receive White Light Healing Energy via Lisa Whatley … it is law that a healing must take place at some level of your being.

The white light goes to your higherself (soul) and your higherself’s wisdom directs it appropriately … every … single … time even if you can’t feel, sense or see the energy. With no exceptions.

  • A shift may take place in attitude.
  • A feeling of anger may diminish.
  • A grief may lessen or dissolve.
  • A physical healing in the body may manifest.

Are you ready to Experience the MAGIC of White Light Healing?

Lisa used to offer free energy healing but discovered that it created an imbalance between herself and recipients therefore she now offers almost free white light energy healing sessions.

For a very low energy exchange of $11 (per person) you can join the magic!

These group distant healings are done Saturday mornings at 8AM EST

An email will be sent to you with all the details upon finalization of your payment.

These are group distance energy healing sessions that take place every Saturday morning at 8AM EST. 

No telephone or webinar connection required. 

After the session has completed you will receive an email detailing the healing that took place.

NOTE: I will be working with you etherically (no phone or video required) and assisted by your guides, angels and loved ones at 8AM EST on the Saturday morning shown on your confirmation of payment email. Please be aware that you must be available to receive this healing via a meditative or relaxed state of being. LONG GONE are the days of continuing to focus your attention elsewhere while the healing is taking place. We are in a new time and you are REQUIRED to be still and participate while taking full responsibility for your own healing. MAGIC is guaranteed to happen! 


Lisa my friend, I never took the time to say thank you. What you have done for our family is beyond words. Having worked with you for a few months now, I am living a new life, from a new place that I just have trouble putting words to. My summer with my in-laws (so far) carries a totally different vibration. I cannot believe it. It is beyond my hopes. I am so grateful.
OMG…talk about acceleration! Good grief…the Pleiadian/Arcturian Ascension Acceleration Session is NOT for the faint hearted! Get in, sit down, & buckle up! All I can say at this point is….WOW!
United States
Hi Lisa, thank you for all the amazing healing sessions, I am eternally grateful for all your help!!! I have come so far in my growth in such a short period of time with the healing sessions you offer. Thank you again and again and again for all that you do!!! Namaste
Wow Lisa…this stuff is heavy duty!! I have been so very tired these past few weeks and have been getting pains in the strangest places. You are so right about surrendering this. I have done multidimensional healing before but this seems to get at the real difficult stuff that is not so easily cleared. It is like you are being gone over with a fine tooth comb. Incredible! Thank you…
United States
Hi Lisa, I enjoyed the energies Saturday morning … saw beautiful frequencies of blue light and peace and calmness within my being. Thank you!
United States
Lisa I just wanted to let you know that I really, really appreciate you. To show you as such, I sent you a donation of $125 to give back to you for all that you have done for me and for all that you do for so many people. Again thanks for all you do, with loving gratitude, blessings!
United Kingdom
Lisa, WOW powerful session which pushed many things out. I do have a headache and clearing anger now which I am using for greater awareness and discernment … thank you again for all you do!
United States
Lovely Lisa, Thank you so much! This was an AMAZING session as it helped me reach an understanding I have missed for so long! I remember now what I knew as a small child and am FINALLY starting to feel this truth! I feel so very powerful and so very loving, and most of all SO VERY LOVED!!! God is truly everywhere and is everything, and I can accept all gifts with ease and grace! This was the healing I have been searching for. Thank you and bless you so much. You are an incredible healer and I will be sure to tell my friends and family about you. You most definitely anchor heaven on earth for us all! Much love …
United States
GREETINGS LISA! You are a ‘godsend’ from the highest sphere’s of light! Thank You!
Thank You for Saturday Morning’s Session! It was just wonderful!!!! I felt it really strong in my third eye and throat! I think the energies were doing lots of clearing! Also, I kept falling asleep, and would wake up and feel the energies still going! The energies were doing lots of deep work!!!! Thanks so very much!!!!

Ready to experience the magic yourself?