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Timeline Trigger Event: Solar Eclipse Guided Meditation ... Will YOU Answer the Call?

Healers, Lightworkers, Gridworkers, Wayshowers, Indigos, Starseeds, Spiritual Teachers and Channelers … stand united and come together as ONE. 💖

The world is in a dire state and we are all needed! Our HEARTS are the KEY to all this ...

We need to all get together and combine our energies to work together as ONE.
We live in a world of technology so this massive task can be accomplished with ease as long as you have access to the internet.

I am calling my high-vibe tribe … my Soul Family, my ZenFriends … to join with me during this most auspicious time!

Yes there are many other groups that will be doing their own thing with the same intentions held however I wanted to make it super easy for everyone that wanted to be a part of the change. I've made it ridiculously simple … no driving, no fees. Click a button in the privacy of your own home to join in and follow along. It's really THAT easy!

Here's the Guided Meditation that we will be using ...

Down at the bottom you'll find more information on the dates and times plus how to prepare for the meditation.

Now let me share some other stuff that is going on and why …

It is soooo super important that you stop focusing your attention on all the negative events taking place as these are only distractions … YOU are being distracted for a reason. To stop you from discovering the true reality, to stop you from opening your heart, to stop you from empowering yourself, to hold you tightly in the embrace of victim and poverty consciousness, to hold you tightly in the power and control matrix however we must go deeper as this is not to say that you should be ignoring all this negativity completely. No. Wrapping yourself in your security blanket of pink love light is not enough as you are not addressing the problem. That's only hiding it deeper within yourself. If you are witnessing it … you are meant to be clearing it.

It is important to understand that by looking at all this cray-cray activity happening around the globe … you play an important role. If you can flip the meaning behind its appearance in your awareness then you can do what you are meant to do … transmute this dark energy within yourself.


What happens "out there" is happening within ourselves. For those of you new to my beliefs/teachings … that may be hard to grasp. "Out there" is your universe. It is the filter you see your reality with. Everything is created by you. Mind-blown, I know!

When you are solely focused on your external world you are ignoring your internal world … if you "observed" the external and then made the connection within yourself … you have the key to then transmute that energy within … as within so without. Observe it, transmute/heal it and then begin to change what you focus your attention on. Begin to focus on a world that you want to live in … the reality of love, oneness, freedom, abundance and peace for ALL. This guided meditation will be doing exactly that.

If you are someone who is enmeshed in the negative world around you … stop viewing it as the be-all-end-all reality … change your perception and realize that you can address the issues in your tissues from the inside and change your single point of focus to the reality that you would like to be living. Waking up to remember that you are the creator of your reality.

If all you see in your external reality is chaos … look within and address your inner chaos. THAT is why this energy is presenting itself to you … at a rapid rate right now too! Step up do the work. You are the creator of your own reality. It comes up to show you exactly where you are on your path of life. If you don't like the path you see, the one you are choosing, the one you are walking on … change it.

Now let's get back to the external world for a moment …

There is a bigger player … they create massive fear based events for the specific purpose of keeping you locked into that state of fear. Why? When you are locked into fear you will not find the time to address what is really going on. If you could simply see it for what it is, change it from within … it all goes away.

If you could view the outer chaos without emotion attached and asked yourself … what does this event represent within me … what exactly is within me that I need to address … what within me is allowing this to show up in my reality … it is being reflected back at you for a reason … you need to view the external event and then do the inner work to uncover the hidden reason within … transmute/heal it. THAT is the purpose of why you continue to see all this negativity and chaos around you. That is why you continue to experience it in your life. Address it … it all goes away.

Any person that is high-vibe and is demonstrating (living) a relatively positive life will tell you this is so. We do not attract this stuff to ourselves. We make completely different choices in our lives. We focus our attention on higher vibration aspects of reality … and that is what we see and experience. Is this an easy journey? We are called Light Warriors for a reason. It takes inner determination combined with divine will to move through all the surface sludge to eventually reach the diamond core within.

You'll lose A LOT when you first start to awaken to a much more magnificent reality BUT what it gets replaced with is beyond anything you could even imagine. INNER PEACE. Everything that is no longer in alignment with your newer higher vibration will fall away. It must. Do not fear this … it is beautiful beyond anything you can imagine right now. It takes more energy to live in fear than it does to live a life in love. You have to have faith and trust that this is truth.

Right now … every person should be making space, scheduling it in to do the inner work of letting go of all pain and suffering via forgiveness. Forgiveness transmutes karma. Karma is the repeated and in your face life lessons … you know those things where you go why does this exact same thing keep happening to me … yep, karma. As soon as you let it all go, forgive everything and everyone involved, destroy the contracts … it all goes away. You don't have to repeat the lesson anymore. Within the next couple of weeks I will have a guided meditation uploaded to YouTube that will help you do this easily and with grace. But right now the mass meditation will also help you do the same thing with the added focus that we are going to be doing this for everyone around the globe! It is high priority that everyone opens their heart, releases all karma, fills up completely with love and then begins to desire, visualize and create the high-vibrational reality of unity, love, Christ consciousness.

Let's do this together Soul Family!

Again, here's the Guided Meditation that we will all be using ...

  • Add it to your YouTube playlist for fast and easy accessing then do it often.
  • Share it with all your spiritual ZenFriends! We need to have 144,000 people DOING this guided meditation ALL AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. Share it via messenger and email. Share it on your blog and website. Share it across all your social media. Share, share, share! 💖
  • SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel for weekly Healing Guided Meditations 💖

How to Prepare Yourself and Space for the Mass Meditation

  • Hydrate yourself by drinking a lot more water than usual the days following up to the mass meditation date (August 21st, 2017 - this group will be starting the meditation at 1:40PM EDT)
  • Stop watching or listening to negative "stuff." Your heart needs to be wide open. Negativity closes it up.
  • Prepare your space in whatever feels good for you … that may include candles, diffusing high-vibe essential oils, bringing your fave high-vibe crystals into the space with you to hold during the meditation, have a blanket on hand in case you get chilly, have a journal and pen close by to write down any guidance you receive. Do whatever makes meditation enjoyable for you. Maybe you will be drawn to do an entire sacred space clearing before the meditation day … open windows, clean and wash belongings, throw things out, etc. If you don't have these tools and would like to get hooked up with them click on all the pictures that grab your attention to find out more about them.
  • You might feel the need to cleanse your physical body in preparation for the energies. Do whatever feels right for you … that may include receiving an energy treatment, bathing in salt water, soaking up the sun's rays, etc.
  • Stay away from consuming alcohol, sugar and other low-vibe foods.
  • Connect with nature … a lot … before and after the Solar Eclipse date and keep doing the meditation.


Peace and Love from My World to Yours
Lisa Whatley 💖
Content Creator: https://youtube.com/lisawhatley <<< SUBSCRIBE!

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