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⭐ ⭐ Energetic Update ... it's Crazy Out There ⭐ ⭐

Energy Update Tips to Raise Your Vibration



Hey, Hey Beautiful Souls!


The energies that we are currently experiencing … are only going to INCREASE massively from here on out … it is extremely important for each of us to take care of ourselves not only physically but energetically as well in order that we can "handle" the impact with ease and grace.




Physically … treat your body like the sacred temple it is … eat nourishing foods … drink lots of water (don't like "plain" water ... infuse it with fruit ... so delish) ... get lots of sleep and exercise your body. You can do exercises like yoga, tai chi and pilates. You can grab a friend and walk through your local parks enjoying nature. If you live in the world where it is warm right now … take advantage of the element of water and spend some time in, on or near the lake\ocean\stream\pond.


This is important to know if you want to tap into your spiritual guidance ... water is a spiritual conduit. If you allow yourself to relax and be at ease … you can connect with your inner guidance and receive downloads much easier when you are in or around water ... so don't forget to take your journal so you can write down all the juicy details!


Be a mermaid and chill in the bathtub! Light a candle or disperse essential oils, throw in your fave bath bombs and bath salts, grab your journal, put on your fave meditation music ... and let go of the outside world. Ahhh ... now that's a little piece of ZenHeaven right there!


There are a lot of things you can do to improve the movement in your body and the connection within … just find one that you LOVE and stick with it keeping in mind that when you are doing it you must be experiencing joy. If you aren't happy doing it … let it go and find something else that does bring you joy.


Mental … seriously, turn off the television, get off social media and hang up the phone with your gossip partner … for real. Make a mental note of the following things listed below and then reflect on it. If you find yourself in this category then you and only you can make the choice to change it.


In my practice while working with you fabulous women all over the world one of the biggest blocks to happiness that I constantly hear is "I don't have enough time." Uh-mmm I'm gonna pull the BS card on that one! Yeah I know, I don't pussy foot around I call it like it is not to hurt you but to shake you. To make you move into action. I say it with love because I believe in you and only want the best for you because the truth is we all have the exact same amount of time as everyone else … it's what each of us INDIVIDUALLY chooses to do with our time that makes all the difference in the world sooooo you can plop your butt down in your fave chair and watch endless hours of crap television or scroll endlessly forever through social media or sit on the phone with your bestie and gossip about someone at work to "pretend" to make yourself feel better … or you can use your television/social media/gossip time instead to --- take care of yourself and do things that will raise your vibration and consciousness. You choose.


Self-care will change your world! Don't believe me? Try if for seven days. I'm talking be indulgent like you've never been before! Treat yourself like the goddess you are. Do things exclusively for yourself, that light you up, that relax you, that fill you with joy, that bring peace to your heart, that feed your soul, that brings you back to your center ... so you can then go out into your world and live the best version of yourself. Remember, your outer world is created from your inner world so always put yourself first before all others and do at least one thing every single day that brings you complete and utter joy. That is the only way to stay nourished, fulfilled and balanced.


Fill your mind with high vibrational meditation music, go outdoors in nature, read inspirational books or posts. Stay away from gossipy, negative, downer people and places. Abstain from alcohol and drugs as these only lower your vibration and make you feel sluggish, bitchy and spaced out. Spend some time in meditation, do some mindset work, emotional release work, gratitude journaling or work on what you want to accomplish and bring into your life in the next seven days, draw, paint, craft or even grab an adult colouring book and just veg-out. Connect with the energy of happiness and joy and leave the rest behind … because at the end of the day it is truly your life. That's the beauty of free-will YOU get to choose how you want to spend every minute of your life. Seriously try if for seven days. 🙂


Emotional … tap into how you are feeling. The thoughts you think produce the feelings you experience. Periodically stop throughout your day and notice what you are feeling. Use your journal to dig deep within to find the answers. If you are experiencing any type of low energy … what can you do to change it? How can you re-frame what you thinking/feeling and make it lighter and more joyful? Are you with someone that is bringing you down? Are you in an environment that is low energy? Are you hearing things that are low energy? Smelling things that are not pleasant? What are you experiencing that you have the ability to make changes too? Reflect on what you have control over changing … and do it. It's just that simple.


Finally energetically … super important and often overlooked … our energy body. Perhaps you have been feeling out of whack recently? Headaches, agitated, craving sugar, loss of appetite, confusion, disorientated? I wrote this quick tips post because of what is happening energetically in our outer reality.


We need to support and encourage one another on this very difficult journey … so if you are having a hard time right … and remember I'm just the messenger … it's only going to get much, much more intense for you if you are not allowing yourself to let go all that you no longer need to carry around with you.


It is super, super important that at this time you begin adapting and maintaining a high vibration in order to "handle" the impact of these energies with ease and grace. As I stated above … if what you already have been experiencing is tough … it's only going to get more intense BUT you don't have to be a victim to this! Knowledge is power which is why I have shared some basic tips with you to help you through this energetic wave that will not be letting up by the way. It will not subside. It is only going to increase to higher and higher levels. YOU must increase your vibration to be in alignment with it … you can go with the flow and ride the wave by getting the help you need and doing things that will help you ride the wave rather than fight against it. You hold all the power within you. You have complete control over your destiny via the choices you make SO seriously make the time to mediate daily, clear your energy field, BE the light that you are! No more hiding. It's time to come out of hiding and show your light to the world. Work with your chakras clearing them, repairing them and filling them with light, heal your past wounds … just let them go, journal for self-reflection every single day, clear your energy body and work together with the entirety of your body. If you like guided meditations then you need to subscribe to my channel where you can get access to a bunch of free energy healing guided meditations and energy healing sessions. I also invite you to check out my meditation music that is encoded with healing energies. These are fab tools to use when you are doing most of things above ... just turn it on and let the light work its magic!


Work with these tips … implement what you can. Self-care IS mandatory in this new energy ... always has been but now more then ever it is a must. 💖


Stay Fab Zen Friends!

Peace and Love from My World to Yours 💖

Lisa Whatley, xoxox

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