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⭐ ⭐ Purging. Eliminating. Removing. Getting Rid of. Cleaning Out. ⭐ ⭐

Sacred Space Clearing - House Blessing

It's PURGE time!  💖

Purging. Eliminating. Removing. Getting Rid of. Cleaning Out.

Sounds like spring cleaning doesn’t it?

The energy is just … I.N.T.E.N.S.E … pushing to move, clear, cleanse, purify! I LOVE IT!  💖


Are you having the urge to purge too … like EVERYTHING?


Your higherself is nudging you to take advantage of this massive cleansing energy because it is one of the FASTEST ways to lighten up your world. You can release so much dead weight in your life just by lightening up your space! For real.


So if you are feeling the need to clean up your life … do the work! Take action and get rid of it all. Hold onto nothing. Love it or lose it.


Work specifically in the areas where you are intuitively being nudged to go. When you do … the space that you clear out will allow this void to be filled with something magical. Trust this process.


If you really want to shift the energy in your life I would highly recommend that you start with the places where you tucked things away … because in your mind you thought “well I might need this some other time” … but that was like over fifteen years ago. OMG. That is such old energy. That is your past, the old you. Let it go. Free yourself. Break the shackles from your past. Allow yourself to create from a brand new slate. Step into the energy of the new you.


Your storage shed, garage, closets, attic, basement, drawers, cupboards … hide and hold a lot of stagnant and heavy energy. Put your big girl panties on and dive deep … get it gone because this “stuff” can literally be making you feel irritated, angry or depressed. It can cause riffs in relationships and all sorts of problems in your life.


How is that possible?


Whether you are aware of it or not we all can sense energy. I’m sure you’ve been some place and felt not so good and didn’t want to be there. You’ve probably been some place where it felt so darn good that you just didn’t want to leave! That’s the vibration of the space you are tapping into and the beauty of this you have the ability to change how your space feels. You can turn a depressing place into a haven of beauty, harmony, peace and joy.


So if you have all these old belongings hanging around they will be blocking the flow in some or all areas of your life. This old energy is the heavy, yucky stuff that keeps getting heavier and heavier as time goes on. Even if you can't see your junk because it's hidden in closets or basements … you can still FEEL the energy of it. It's a dead weight that needs to be cleared out.


I highly recommend you start with getting rid of your physical junk and then implementing an energetic space clearing to really shift the energy of your home making it a safe haven for your soul.


I used to use sage, cedar, sweet grass and tobacco for my smudge however I can no longer tolerate the smoke so I personally use a special blended mist that I handcraft and call “Smokeless Smudge” along with prayers and my sacred space clearing music to clear energy and then another special formulated mist that I handcraft called “Abundant Blessings Mist” to invite an abundance of blessings and magic into my home and life. I play the energy audios all the time to keep our space alive and magical!


After a space clearing not only will your home feel absolutely delightful but everyone living there will begin to feel healthier, happier and more at peace. Now this is not a time consuming process for me at all because I typically clear out our physical junk every other month however to keep our space fresh and uplifted I implement space clearing in every room, every time I clean house. It’s fast and effective! I highly recommend you begin that practice too.


Side Note: I sell these tools in my Spiritual Boutique so if you don’t like using smoke smudge and want to implement my process send me an email (cuz my website since 2003 is under currently under construction) and I’ll put the whole package together for you along with the downloadable MP3s for space clearing and blessings. You’ll be able to easily implement my entire process from start to finish using step by step instructions and have all the tools available to use as well. You’ll LOVE the change it brings to your world. I use the Abundant Blessings Energy Audio a lot but especially when I’m journaling and meditating so keep that in mind when you purchase the package!


Now don’t forget to PAMPER yourself fully and completely after every junk purge day you implement. You want to make sure your own energy field is cleansed and renewed. My FAVE go to pampering session … baths! I love, love, love baths. My baths last anywhere from 45-90 minutes … I swear I’m a mermaid lol I always get out pruney BUT I use this time wisely. I take my water journal in with me because this is the space where I receive a lot guidance and downloads from my spirit team. I spend time meditating, healing and communicating while relaxing in the tub. I'm a natural born multi-tasker and use my time wisely!


You can cleanse your aura and renew your energy by taking a bath too … dissolve a couple of cups of sea salt in the water and jump in! While you are relaxing simply imagine a rainbow coloured light washing over your entire body clearing away all the debris that has come to the surface from doing your physical purge. I recommend at least fifteen minutes of visualizing the light circulating throughout your body and around your body and then spend the next fifteen minutes in a state of gratitude.


Last but not least enjoy the time you spend purging. Know that you are doing something powerful and transforming for yourself so don’t think of it like it’s a chore. Keep your eye on the end result! That will push you through those hard days when you just feel like throwing in the towel and quitting. Once you have finished … you’ll be overflowing with joy that you did! 💖


Peace and Love from my World to Yours …

Lisa Whatley, xoxox

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