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⭐⭐ Gratitude Tarot Card: Message from Spirit ⭐⭐

Today's Message from Spirit is Gratitude

I pulled this card from John Holland's Spirit Messages Card Deck (which I love, love, love by the way!)

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The Message: 

Life is one big, continuous circle of giving and receiving energy. Be thankful for who and what's in your life instead of complaining about what you don't have. If you focus on gratitude, you'll start to attract prosperity and abundance. 

Spirit wanted you to see this card to demonstrate that they hear your requests. They want to remind you that if you want to manifest something, then you have to start by appreciating all the abundance and goodness that's around you.

Be thankful for your health, your children, sunny days, your garden, your family and best friends and even the person who smiled at you for no reason. The more joy you begin to notice and appreciate, the easier it becomes for you to experience more happiness, abundance and prosperity and most important, love.

There are various kinds of prosperity and abundance so by just saying, "thank you" and holding those words inside until they resonate with your soul, this will strengthen the positive connections and intentions of others to impact your life.


Exercise Suggestion


Perhaps you have been asking for something you need but don't know exactly how to get it? If you "ran across" this message today you were meant to receive the information. At a deeper level your soul wants you to connect with the energy of gratitude so you can begin to draw to yourself all the good you deserve.


The most important thing you can do for yourself is to take just five minutes right now ... stop scrolling, stop looking for the next link to click, the next post to read, the next comment to like ... just stop and allow Spirit to enter your thoughts, your heart, your energy field. Breathe in deeply, close your eyes and just sit quietly for the next five minutes feeling grateful for everything you have in your life. Allow that energy to flood your being. Allow the energy of love and gratitude to fill you up and flow outwards, spilling over to touch every person you interact with today.

Make this your mantra today ... I feel an abundance of gratitude for everything I have and receive every day! My needs and desires are generously met and for this I am thankful.


Peace and Love from my World to Yours

Lisa Whatley

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