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Rather than trying to explain how a healing card reading works, I thought I would just show you through examples that I gave in my Private Facebook Group. Keep in mind these were "Free Mini Readings." 


Keep in mind that it is quite possible that as you are reading, even though the messages weren't for you specifically, they may offer bits and pieces that help you as well. So take notes, journal about whatever information resonated with you that you need help, clarity and healing on. 


The most important work that you can do for yourself takes place AFTER your read the messages. You need to work with the energy of the readings, take action in your healing because that's what brings about the results you want. My job is just to offer you a different way of looking at things. The way I intuit the cards for you may offer you a different set of eyes, a new way of seeing things, a larger possibility. Normally messages are able to uncover the exact thing you couldn't see. We all suffer from being blinded by what is staring us right in the face right. Everyone else around us can see the lesson clearly that we are trying to learn but we are literally blinded by it. 


If you find this interesting and want to grab your own personal healing reading I'll be sharing with you a bit further down how you can do just that but first, here are the example readings ... 


Reading One ... 


I asked on your behalf ... what do I most need to know right now? 


Here are the main keywords ... freedom from attachment, acceptance, courage, taking a leap of faith, overcoming fear, accepting risk, the feminine principle of receptivity, letting someone else make the first move, gathering information and taking cues, the art of conscious allowing.


The cards are showing me that overall you want peace. That is truly the overall desire - just peace. A quiet mind as this brings harmony, a heart fulfilled, freedom from want and the soul's satisfaction. A beautiful relationship where you are both truly in alignment with one another. Prosperity to be free of financial worry. All of this brings peace to the heart and mind. Being able to live stress and worry free lifts the burdens of daily survival which allows your soul (you in entirety) to explore any realm of possibility. Peace is truly freedom. Something that we all are striving towards.


Today I would spend time contemplating exactly what peace means to you in all areas of your life. Dig into finding out which areas are not in balance and how to bring them into harmony once again.


The cards are showing me that what could be potentially blocking you is fear. Keep in mind that fear is an illusion created from an emotional memory that you now hold as a belief ... that will no longer be true for you. So this fear block is quite possibly leading you in directions that you don't need to go. The more you allow your mind to dwell on the fear ... the more it will become real. The old saying, "false evidence appearing real" applies in this situation. Go within, journal in hand and ask yourself ... who in me is afraid? What age was the little girl in you hurt or scared? Find her, love her and love that part that was afraid. Go back to find those memories that make you still hold strongly to the fear-belief-block. It is the little girl within you that is holding them strongly still to this day. Once you find it, ask is this still true and real right now for me and my life? Most likely the answer is no. Ask, is it okay to let this fear go now? Hug the little girl within you, hug yourself ... let it go.


It is completely normal and okay to be scared however we must not let fear stop us from moving forward and going after whatever we truly desire. Most of us are still operating our lives based on experiences from our childhood. These experiences are how we form our beliefs. These beliefs continue to create our experiences. Cyclical in nature. In essence most of us are still creating our lives from the standpoint of young children. Summon up the courage especially when you aren't feeling confident and take those necessary steps perhaps keeping in mind that the fear you are feeling may be coming from your inner child. If you have to explore that ... do it then move past it. One small step at a time eventually leads to completion of the journey.


The final message the cards are telling me is that you have trouble receiving. You stop the flow of abundance (this doesn't just mean money - all areas of your life) when you continually insist upon being the giver. We women just love to give, give, give, give, give ... it's natural for us to do ... but in this case and for the peace you are seeking you can't always lead, always give, always teach. You must allow yourself to be the student, to open yourself to receive the gifts from others in equal measure. Balance is the key. Open up and let love, life, abundance and Spirit fill you without demand or expectation. Just receive ... receive ... receive ... the bounty that is yours.




Her response to this reading on Facebook was ... thank you sooooo much Lisa for a wonderful msg just uplifted my day 🙂 and def. enforcing the get over the fear part lol slowly currently working on that 😉



Reading Two ...


I asked on your behalf ... what do I most need to know right now?


Here are the main keywords ... timelessness, divine timing, immeasurable time, unfinished business, incomplete lesson, lack of closure, the need to make amends, birth of new ideas, growth, opportunities, a breath of fresh air, life renewing itself. 


The cards are showing me that overall you are desiring a deep transformation. This may mean that you are consciously trying to manifest something that you feel is grand (material things) but the feeling that comes up for me with this is that you are getting worried that your dreams are just taking too long to actually appear in the physical form. You perhaps are feeling that time is running out or that you don't actually deserve (subconsciously) this grand manifestation or inner transformation.


Now with that said, the cards are telling me that you actually have a block that is preventing your manifestation from coming to life which leads to the idea of divine timing. I'm going to divert here for a second, bare with me ... I am being guided to write this down so it can be helpful to someone else that reads it ... in case you already know what divine timing truly means ... I always here people say things like "oh it will happen in divine timing" but for YEARS I never fully understood what that meant. I think I get it now (lol) so I will share what I think divine timing really means. Basically it is, when you clear up the blocks within yourself ... which are unfinished lessons ... your manifestation will arrive. Now that gives divine timing a different perspective doesn't it?! I think when people throw the "divine timing" term around it is used so loosely that people have this idea that it means they have no control over divine timing so they sit around waiting rather than taking action ... and then nothing ever happens for them, obviously. Most people actually give up on their dreams rather than working on what is preventing them therefore divine timing never appears. It can't because they haven't prepared for the moment of divine timing. The whole concept of divine timing means work on that which is blocking you and then you receive the gift you want because you are ready to receive it ... hence divine timing.


Now back to what is blocking you.


Unfinished business. Ironic to the whole divine timing bit wasn't it? Lesson hasn't been fully learnt. Lack of closure. The need to make amends. Now these can mean a whole gamut of things so you'll need to sit down with journal in hand and start working backwards in your life and sort out where do you need to make amends, who do you need to forgive, who do you need forgiveness from, what do you refuse to accept and learn, etc. Try your best to look at every area of your life that is causing you unhappiness or even anger and dig deep for the solution. In all honesty ---- forgiveness is THE best medicine for every area. It's like the magic antidote to all problems. Even go back to early childhood times in your life when you were really hurt, upset, angered --- and clear them up. Tie up all those loose ends and don't allow procrastination to sabotage you. Spirit says don't quit before the finish line!


The cards are also telling me that there is nothing to fear. What you are desiring to manifest is yours, waiting in your etheric warehouse to be delivered in divine timing pending the clearing up of all that is blocking its arrival. Time isn't escaping you unless of course you do nothing with your time. It's not in your best interest to stall. It's important that you acknowledge your inexperience and gently allow yourself to be like the delicate new bud opening. It's okay to admit you may not know something. You are at the beginning of things and haven't yet hit your stride. Be immersed in the newness of it all and don't try to rush the learning process. New life is coming. The miracles that are yours and yours alone can't be missed. Let your anxiety be gently dispelled by your faith.


The final message the cards are telling me is to relax ... all is yours in divine appropriate timing. Ironic eh? (lol)




Her response to this reading on Facebook was ... Lisa Whatley thank you so much! You have described so well where I am at right now, and your advice is incredibly helpful and timing. I am on vacation next week, and plan to spend some quality time meditating on these thoughts and journalling to dig what currently feels like a roadblock in my head. Thank you!! <3  


Another member of my Facebook group who read the message as well had this to say … Wow....I started praying to remove my block about two weeks’s a struggle for sure and I will take time each day to focus on my block to be lifted and remove. A lot of spiritual cleansing and praying for sure...I'm going on vacation in few days and I'm also planning on journaling and meditating....I'm going deep into healing....



Reading Three ...


I asked on your behalf ... what do I most need to know right now?


Here are the main keywords ... flexible, teachability, open-mindedness, being adaptable without compromising what's most important, new life, birth of new ideas, growth, opportunities, a breath of fresh air, life renewing itself, being in flow, returning to source, recognizing how pieces fit together, a natural pattern of events.


The cards are showing me that what is potentially blocking you is flexibility. This could mean that perhaps you are being too rigid or that someone else around is being too rigid. This creates a no win situation and both parties lose access to growth and untapped potential. Now would be the time to sit with journal in hand and explore the areas of your life where you feel you could be a little more flexible perhaps being adaptable without compromising what's most important. Could you find a way to bring about a result that is mutually beneficial if this involves someone else, meet in the middle? This could also be pointing at your own inflexibility on your own beliefs or how you perceive the world around you. Are you perhaps judging to harshly and not allowing yourself to be open-minded to see the other side of the coin? Perhaps you are so 'set in your ways' that you are blocking the insights that an open mind would bring.


Now with that said, the cards are telling me that if you allow yourself to work through these blockages you'll be moving toward new ideas that inspire you with so much joy and excitement that it can be felt all the way to your very core. You'll be inspired with new ideas and new opportunities that will bring you hope for seeing your dreams come true. The only way this will come about is letting go of rigidity, becoming flexible and open-minded. So go with the flow, rather than against it. Dig deep inside and find those fears that are holding you into those patterns of rigidity. Journal to find out if these beliefs or ideas are helping you in any way or are they holding you back. Connect with your inner child and see if she can help you let them go. Once you are able to do this you will have the energy you need to feel completely renewed. There is really nothing to fear. Allow your heart to fill with enthusiasm. Let your light shine because this is a time of good fortune. Stay curious to the new and know that your hopes and dreams are being fulfilled ... you simply have to allow the space for them to come to you by letting go of what no longer serves you.


The final message the cards are telling me is that if you can bring these into balance you will begin to feel yourself literally in the flow of life where events and conditions seem to engage you in a way that is fluid and effortless. So this card is a reminder that going with the flow is exactly what you need to do right now. Let go and be free allowing yourself to ride the wave of opportunity that will be formed by perfect conditions rather than dictating its course. Now is the time to relax and see where this journey leads knowing deep within that everything flows from your inner world and is reflected back to you in the outer one.




Her response to this reading on Facebook was ... so I had to meditate on this before responding....I was so excited about Michelle's reading (reading number two) lol. I'm journaling and looking to awaken my inner child. I tell you every few months I get a message from someone to call my inner child. Thank you for the readings...this helps me soooo much.



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