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Relaxation Sleep Meditation

Hey Beautiful Soul!

Super thrilled to have you here and I want to welcome you to this fabulous guided meditation that I have designed to deeply and fully relax your mind so you can completely relax and heal your body! PLUS, I will be guiding you to a place where you can receive guidance on any topic of your choice.

To prepare for your healing journey I want you to begin to get yourself into a comfortable position, whatever that is for you but preferably in a quiet location, remembering to turn off all distractions and cover yourself with a light blanket.

I also want you to have a pen and journal right beside you and here’s why. Once you come out of this meditation, I want you to spend some time writing down all the thoughts and images that were presented to you. What you see, hear and experience will greatly enhance your conscious waking day to day life, after all what’s the point in using guided meditation if you don’t do anything with the information you receive?

The information that you will receive will be provided directly from deep within yourself. This information is not provided to you by me,  no, it comes from you, your all-knowing self and listen everyone has access to this part of themself, and everyone can tap into it. It’s the part of you that is deeply connected to your inner wisdom, to your higherself, to source. There is no one, let me repeat that, no one, absolutely no one, no psychic, no psychic medium, no channeler, no healer, no one outside of yourself that can provide this deep intuitive information better than your inner-self. So whatever you uncover will be absolutely perfect and life-changing for you … if, there’s always got to be a catch right … lol ... if, you are willing to spend the necessary time uncovering the blocks and then taking the aligned action to bring forth the change that you deeply, deeply desire. So know that it is your inner self, your inner self will be your guide providing you guidance and providing the perfect map for you to follow.

The information you receive is meant specifically for you. So you need to deeply accept, love and trust this part of yourself and lastly, one final note before we dive into this meditation today, and this is completely optional but it’s an amazing bonus to help you get the most out of this guided meditation thus I do recommend you grab it. I have created a journal to go along with this  meditation. It’s totally and completely free. It’s a fabulous guide that will really help you turn this meditation into a 21 day practice. Yes do it for 21 days, you see, while doing this meditation once may give you instant relief, which is absolutely fabulous and definitely a step in the right direction, I want you to fully step into creating positive change in your life and in order to do that, you have to be consistent. You have to keep moving away from all the stuff that is causing stress in your life, the stuff that is making you miserable, right. Then you have to dig deep and discover not only what is the cause of your misery but what uplifts you, what excites you so that you can move in that direction. So the goal is to move away from what causes you stress and into what creates bliss for you. Okay so grab the free journal, then after you have completed the first 21 day round, you can either continue on with another 21 day round to fully and deeply heal more layers that will blast you into the life of your dreams or you can start a new 21 day round with another one of my free guided meditations, which by the way, you’ll want to subscribe to my YouTube channel! And be sure to ring the bell so you’ll be notified instantly when I upload another new guided meditation.

Okay so let’s get you moving toward experiencing a full thriving abundant healthy and joyful life right now, let's get into the healing ZenZone and journey IN!

This powerful guided meditation journey will help you to deeply and fully relax your mind so you can completely relax and HEAL your body. PLUS, I will be guiding you to a place where you can meet your higherself to receive guidance on any topic of your choice … so grab your journal, get comfy and relax into this amazing meditation.


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