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⭐ ⭐ Guided Meditation for Mother Earth and Ascension: Creating New Earth ⭐ ⭐

Mother Earth and Ascension Guided Meditation

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I am so glad you dropped into my little Sacred ZenDen here on the internet today ... yaaas! If you are a returning ZenFriend, it's important to know that just like all my YouTube videos, if you want to skip straight ahead to the healing journey and bypass the introduction, all you need to do is click the description link below this video and you'll see the actual start time, give it a click and it will take you to the exact spot so you can get started right away … you're welcome!


I have designed this guided meditation to help intentionally shift humanity to a higher timeline by raising the vibration of the collective consciousness. The number of people doing this meditation at the same time is the single most influential factor and power we need for speeding up the process for planetary liberation and unity. It is our divine birthright to have the full truth. We need full disclosure so we can live in peace, so we can live in harmony and so we can embrace all our brothers and sisters around the globe with unconditional love. All this darkness that is running viral across the globe … must stop. We need this so each and every soul on earth can embody their true inner Christ spirit, so we can choose and accept unity christ consciousness. So beautiful souls, we have an important mission to accomplish ... let's get into the healing ZenZone and journey IN!

Welcome to the Family of Light! YOU are needed now more than ever before in helping us bring unity, healing, peace, abundance and freedom to earth and all earth's inhabitants. Together as ONE we need YOUR light at this extraordinary time of earth's transition into light … so grab your journal, get comfy and relax into this amazing meditation.




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Again, thank you … with peace and love from my world to yours, Namaste 🙏

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Music ♫

"Montauk Point" "Silver Blue Light" "At Rest" "Sapphire Isle" "Relaxing Piano Music" "Cut and Run - Electronic Hard"

by Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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