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⭐ ⭐ Leaving 3D Reality: Using Light to Relieve Ascension Symptoms Guided Meditation & Light Transmission ⭐ ⭐

Leaving 3D Reality: Using Light to Relieve Ascension Symptoms Guided Meditation & Light Transmission

Hey Beautiful Ascending Soul!

This short journey will help you to relieve some of the ascension symptoms you may be feeling. It will assist in flushing out the lower dense energies that may be throwing you off balance and making you feel emotionally upset, tired and even achey. This transmission of light will help bring you back into a higher vibrational state of being faster by bringing your energy field into its optimal functioning state along with infusing you with calmness, centeredness and balance.

You can close your eyes and relax fully and completely allowing the light to work its magic or you can soften your eyes and look at the screen while you allow yourself to become mesmerized in a meditative trance which will allow you to soak up everything that is for your highest good at the time of participating. Either option works fab … all you need to do is have an open heart-mind … EXPECT EPIC CHANGES! 💋

This will help you expand your consciousness, rewire your brain, upgrade your DNA all of which will shift you vibrationally at a cellular level.


NOTE: You may experience while participating and/or after ...
👉 crown chakra pains or itchies
👉 extreme heat … hot feet, hands, spine, etc.
👉 yawning, get really sleepy or even fall asleep
👉 joint pain … energies are clearing blockages
👉 nausea
👉 distractions of any kind to prevent you from participating
👉 itchy skin
👉 if viewing the screen in meditative state see into a different dimension or timeline
👉 giddyness, giggles, happiness, cheerful
👉 wired with excess energy (dance, move your body in a positive way, go for a walk, job, etc)


If you are experiencing "negative" releases ... drink a large glass of water and then take the time to bring energy into your body to help move the stuck energy through the blockages to release them. This will most likely needed to be performed numerous times.


👉 colours look brighter, environment appears lighter
👉 softens emotional extremes
👉 you'll feel more at "home"
👉 energetically detoxifies the liver
👉 energetically assists with regulating metabolism
👉 energetically opens/stimulates the heart chakra
👉 energetically calms the emotional body
👉 energetically helps to detach one from drama
👉 and more …


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►►► To dive right in and bypass the introduction skip ahead to 2:12 ... you're welcome! 💖

0:00 - 2:12 Minutes: Introduction

2:11 - 17:58 Minutes: Guided Meditation & Light Transmission


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