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Reiki Healing Treatment

Hey Beautiful Soul!

This guided meditation is a POWERFUL LIGHTBODY PROTECTION & ENERGY HEALING TREATMENT. A clearing,  balancing and energizing healing treatment plus I've included a powerful lightbody protection technique so you should be feeling absolutely fab once you come back to waking consciousness!


If you are new to today's journey, I would highly recommend that you listen to the entire journey from start to finish so you will be consciously aware of what will take place and you'll know exactly what to expect, no surprises along the way. This will allow you to fully and completely relax which will allow the light to work its magic.


When you are in a state of resistance the energy can't flow to where it needs to go. You are literally blocking it from coming into your being. So listen to the journey once over, feel if it resonates with you and if it does I highly recommend you SUBSCRIBE to my channel and then add this journey to your playlist so you can come back to it again and again. The more you tap into this healing energy the better results you will receive.


Energy healing isn't a quick fix one shot kinda deal. It's subtle, it works in layers therefore you must tap into it all the time, on a regular, consistent basis not once every six months or during the full moon. So add it to your playlist and make the time to connect with it daily. Now is there a specific time of day that works best, no. Whatever time works best for you, that's all that matters.


Today's healing journey I use a light technique called the 12th Dimensional Pillar of Light Protection, 12D Shield. I have created another journey specifically for this light technique where I share a ton of information on why this light technique is so important for you and what it helps you accomplish therefore I won't be sharing that information in this specific journey. I will just be taking you through the building of your pillar process so I highly recommend that you go check that video out as well because it's a technique that you'll want to use every single day. It is used as a protective shield to strengthen and grow your lightbody but it does a whole lot more, again it is called the 12th Dimensional Pillar of Light Protection.


If you've never received any type of healing energy work before, here's a small list of what you can expect to happen during your journey today: first off know that you will be surrounded by loving beings of highest light, serving the law of one. Your spirit guides, your healing teams, ascended masters, your light family. I'm not saying they are all going to be there but a combination of these will be and of course if you want to call in someone specifically they will definitely show up. So all of these beings are of the light, serving the law of one, serving Source Energy or our Creator or God, however you address your higher power. With that in mind, know that your soul, your higherself is running the show for you. Yep your higherself is in charge. Your only job is to let go and open yourself to receive. I'll walk you through letting go of the outside world, relaxing your body, quieting your mind and opening your heart, all you have to do is listen. That's it. The rest is pure magic as you open yourself up to receive divine healing light.


It's also important to know, this light energy is highly intelligent. It knows exactly where to go, what to do, what to heal and yes it even stops when you are filled to the brim okay, so don't worry. That is a very common question that I receive from my clients or people seeking information, can this energy hurt me in any way? Nope not at all when you work with me because I don't send you energy. This energy doesn't come "from me." I do not run the energy through my body first, quote "to give to you" unquote. All I'm doing is empowering you by guiding the energy directly to you. I am not the filter for you. YOU ZenFriend, tap into this energy yourself with guidance from me, that's it. Magical blissful self-healing … yaaas!


Here's a small list of benefits that you can experience by consistently tapping into this healing journey. As a matter of fact I invite you to challenge yourself. Challenge yourself to do this healing journey every day for 30 days. Experiment for yourself. That's the only way you'll truly know if this is working right, is by actually trying it, so plug yourself into this healing journey for the next 30 days. Start with writing down where you are today, the date and what problems you are experiencing in your life. Perhaps you are looking for relief for your physical health or emotional well-being maybe you need stress reduction and mental clarity. Whatever it is write it down. Then beside that, using a scale of one to ten, with ten being --- feeling the absolute worst and one being --- feeling not too bad. Write down where you are. Are you at a ten, maybe an eight, maybe a four? Then at the end of the 30 days access yourself using the scale method again. How much has changed? Take some time to see what other areas of your life have improved, then, do it again for another 30 days or you can use another one of my healing journeys. Just keep challenging yourself. Never give up.


Now back to the benefits, most people start to notice right away after a few sessions, stress reduction and relaxation which spills over into their daily life of not feeling so irritable, agitated, cranky, moody. People notice deeper and better sleep, relief from headaches and migraines. It helps with emotional distress or sadness. There are too many benefits to list but some more perks are, you'll ignite your inner wisdom, raise your vibration, tap into your inner guidance, boosts confidence which heightens motivation, begin to live in the flow of life, happiness will become your natural state which increases the flow of abundance, you'll step into your full power and begin to fully embrace and live with passion. These are amazing perks and again this is just scratching the surface but remember this is with continual use of tapping into higher healing energies and in combination with making change in your outer world on a conscious level in regards to your daily habits that put you in the place of imbalance to begin with. I changed my entire life by tapping into energy healing so I know this works which is why this is such a passion for me in sharing this with as many people as I can reach.


Next I really want to touch base with … what will you feel during the journey. If you are brand new to this type of healing you may not feel anything at all and that's okay. It's completely normal however it's important to know you don't have to feel anything for this to work. It's what happens in your life after the healing session that matters so keep using this healing journey. Don't give up and with time you will become sensitive enough to feel the energy too.


As you are receiving the healing energies you may experience the following sensations, a lightness like you are floating, chills, warmth, a breeze, tingling, you may feel the energy traveling around your body, you may see colours and images inside your mind, you may hear guidance, you may smell certain scents that you connect with. All of this is very normal.


Now some things you may experience that may cause you to freak out a little bit because you don't understand them. Have zero worries, it's nothing to fear but you may experience a deep sadness that brings about tears, you may experience nauseous, sneezing, yawning, goose pimples, you may become itchy, even spontaneous laughing. Again all of this is very normal phenomena. It is just your body's way of connecting to energy, releasing built up energy that no longer serves your highest good and the filling your body back up with light again, that's it. And if you experience anything else than this, it's completely okay too! Share with us in the comments section below because I guarantee you someone else will have experienced the exact same thing. You aren't alone.


Here's a list of things that you may experience long after the journey, you may feel really good, happy, energized, tingly, light-heartedness and ready to rock your world! Then on the opposite end of the spectrum, you may also feel tired, exhausted, irritable. The most important aspect of this is allowing yourself the space you need to take care of yourself. Sleep more, do less, avoid situations that are taxing to your mind and emotions, play some high-vibe music and connect with this healing again and again and again. All of the not so pleasant stuff will pass. Nothing is wrong with you, you haven't done anything wrong! It is simply the clearing process. Take the time to nurture and cherish yourself and appreciate the many blessings in your life. Gratitude and appreciation brings more of the things you want into your life. Gratitude also helps to raise your vibration so when you are down … consciously lift yourself up!


Alright, we are almost ready to begin but I want to give you some more tips to get the most out of this journey. It doesn't matter if you are sitting up in meditation position or in a straight back chair or recliner or even if you are lying down,  whatever you prefer. It really doesn't matter just make sure you are comfortable.


Next, how to create your sacred space? You know a lot of people worry about this. They think they have to have this stuff in order for healing to take place. No that's not the case at all. You don't have to have any of these tools but if you want to include them absolutely go ahead especially if they relax you more easily and they give you that human comfort that we all love, love, love right! So go ahead, get your crystals, diffuse your essential oils, light your candles, dim the lights, cover yourself with a blanket. All of these things are fine. However you set your sacred space is absolutely beautiful and perfect for you. If you don't have these tools, again it doesn't make a difference for you to receive these healing energies. They are still available to you. These external tools just allow your humaness to feel better, connected.


Now one tool that I do want you to have on hand is a journal and pen so you can write down all the wonderful insights and guidance that you may receive and take the time to write down what you experienced as well. This way as you continue to use this healing journey you can see how far you've came. You'll be able to actually see tangible results which will push you further into creating more transformation in your life which actually will be super fab if you have any type of imbalance, not that having an imbalance is fab, that's now not what I meant, I mean be able to see where you started and how much change has occurred for you so write everything down in your journal and as I mentioned earlier, I highly recommend that you schedule in time to use this healing journey on a daily basis especially if you need that extra healing support. So start a 30 day challenge and make sure that you SUBSCRIBE to my channel and add this video to your playlist for easy access plus check out all the other healing journeys that I've already uploaded AND if you ring that little bell you'll be notified every time I upload a new one ... can I get a yaaas?!


Also I need you to know that it is very normal for many of my clients to fall asleep during a healing treatment so if you too fall asleep using this audio, don't worry about it. It wasn’t a waste of time. The energy is still working its magic.


When I first started my healing journey years ago, I created for myself a whole bunch of healings that I encoded into music … you can actually still find these on my website … they aren't guided meditations but just the energy itself encoded into music and I used these on repeat. All day while I was doing other things and I played them all night while I was sleeping. I wanted change like no tomorrow so I plugged myself into my own healing system and everything in my life changed in less than a year, like everything literally transformed. It's powerful to constantly be plugged in but my point in telling you that is the energy works whether you are sleeping or not.


I also want to quickly note once again that there is a protection shielding process that I will take you through during this journey … … and because this is such a powerful process that strengthens your energy body and connects you to your 12 dimensional blueprint, as I mentioned before, I have created a separate journey specifically for it. Why? Because it's super important that you continually use it. Every day as soon as you get up you'll want make the connection. You'll only need to use that video for about a month, after than you'll have the steps memorized and you'll be able to build it while in the shower, cleaning the house, driving, etc. Once you have worked with it for a few months on a daily basis you won't even have to go through the steps because you will have built it permanently. You'll just have to fortify it by making the conscious connection to it, okay so that video is called 12th Dimensional Pillar of Light Protection Guided Meditation. I also want to note that any time you are thrown off  balance, use the pillar of light protection, it will help you immensely! It's waaaaay more powerful than the bubble of light.


Last but not least, if you love today's healing journey and you know someone that would benefit from it, please share it with them. AND I would love, love, love if you would give this video a thumbs up and please share your experiences in the comments below. Also let me know what other kind of healing journey you would like for me to create for you and most likely I'll make it happen, so drop those in the comments too!


Now ZenFriends, let's get into the healing ZenZone … and journey IN!

This healing journey is a POWERFUL full body energy healing treatment (think Reiki Healing BUT on steroids) plus I'll guide you through a process of building PROTECTION for your LIGHTBODY and just this will help you clear, align, protect and strengthen your energy body which will then help you to repel negative, dense or disharmonic frequencies associated with all types of negative energy, psychic attack and all other means of personal field infiltration. This protection process alone is 100 times more powerful and effective than the bubble of white light and worth your time to go on the journey! Throughout the majority of the journey I have encoded super fab healing energies … so you should be feeling absolutely amazing once you come back to waking consciousness … so grab your journal, get comfy and relax into this amazing meditation.




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