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Ascension Storm Energies

As always if you have taken the time to read this message … it is meant for your eyes and heart so take notes.

The energies are It's an ascension storm!

Have you noticed that? One minute you can be riding the wave of everything going so well and then the next minute it’s like a hurricane of hell just swooped in and landed and you didn’t even see it coming! No storm clouds, no signs … it just made landfall right in your perfect world. You went from happy to holy shit in a matter of seconds.

I’ve been people watching and I see people changing moods as fast as a light switch … it’s nuts and it is causing A LOT of aggression and unnecessary fights. One minute they are all happy and excited and then literally in the blink of an eye they are going off on some tangent for whatever reason … there’s some crazy shit going on out there folks … lol

Hello bipolar energies!

Perhaps you’re wondering is there a pill to take to stop this non-sense?

Yep there is … the prescription is called an internal shift. This will help you navigate these energies with ease and grace.

It’s simple.
Observe. Release. Love. Repeat.
That’s what I prescribe. 

Let me break down how to take this pill … it’s time to confront your fears.
Everything that you are experiencing is placed before you so you can make a choice … you either like playing or you don’t. Your options are simple … continue to play or make the necessary changes to play differently. The energies that we are experiencing are not fierce and angry at all … that is just what they bring up in us to have a look at. They may feel bipolar … or is it that WE are? 😉
With journal in hand … observe the current situation that is causing you stress.
No blaming. No pointing fingers. Just observe what is happening. Write it down in detail. Everything.

Now go deeper and find what is really driving you nuts.
Go deeper still … why does this drive you nuts?
Don’t stop now … ask yourself … why am I afraid of this?
If the answer is unclear … be persistent … keep writing until it becomes clear.
The answer IS there.

You may be blocking yourself because you subconsciously don’t want to hear the answer. I know that may sound ridiculous but this fear may be what is stopping you from actually moving forward so … as much as you don’t want to admit it … it is serving a purpose … it stops you from following your dreams or taking responsibility for your actions.

FEAR keeps you playing small.

If you’re actually doing this exercise then you are READY to shift your reality so keep going.

The thing that you’re afraid of … you have the power to change once you know what it is.

In order to shift your fear what do you need to do … write it down … is it as easy as changing the way you view it? If so, how can you shift it to see it in a different light? To change it … would it require that you change your living situation? Or end an unhealthy friendship? What can you do differently to get different results? Look at your repeated negative patterns … what can you do to change them? Are these fears empowering you or disempowering you? Are you still holding them tightly and using them as an excuse to keep you safe? What are you willing to release? What are you committed to changing?
Once you confront your fear you have reclaimed your power. You can walk away from it and begin to enjoy all that life has to offer. Step into your power … start taking action … experience the freedom.

Lisa Whatley, xoxox
Remember … to be completely happy, to have a completely fulfilled life ... you have to do what you love because passion NEVER Fails <3

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