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Lisa Whatley Offers Tools for Stepping Out of Chaos and Into Your Zen Zone

Guided Meditation + Mindset + Energy Healing + Life Coaching for Stressed Out Women 




These are the same tools that I personally used to leave a life of abuse, addictions and drama behind. I went from being a high school drop-out single mom of four, eating from food banks, barely surviving on welfare to six figure entrepreneur in less than 12 months. If I could step outside the chaos of my life and into this beautiful place of balance, inner calm, peace, abundance and happiness while raising four kids under the age of nine completely alone ... I truly believe anyone can find their sweet spot in life.


My name is Lisa Whatley - your #ZenHacker. I help stressed out, broke, anxious, short tempered and depressed moms live saner, happier and more abundant and fulfilled lives. So #ZenFriend if you are stressed to the max, frazzled, snappy, overwhelmed, burnt out, moody, easily provoked, unable to relax, unhappy ... and you know there is far more for you than what you are experiencing right now, you want more and know you deserve more ... I can help you.


My promise to you is that the tools I share on this website - guided meditation, mindset training, energy healing and life coaching - absolutely do work. My mission is to show you how to use them in the most effective way. I've cracked the code and broken all the guru's rules so now you my #ZenFriend can stop struggling with lack, negativity, drama, illness and chaos by following a step by step plan that will catapult you into your #ZenZone where your true authentic self shines! You'll start chipping away the walls you've built that hide the confident, saavy and stunning being that you truly are at the core. This is where the magic begins. You'll uncover a wealth of assets that you've hidden from yourself under the layers of low self-esteem and low self-worth.


Your purest essence, your power and your real worth will begin to flourish. You finally become who you are meant to be! You'll finally be able to unveil the grandness and greatness of what is possible for you and your life. You'll finally begin to live a soul centered, heart inspired life.


So, are you ready to unhook from the outer chaotic world, are you ready to embrace your zen zone and reconnect with your inner world, are you ready to access feelings of love, compassion, joy and deep peace, are you ready to relax, de-stress, accelerate your spiritual development, ignite your passion and enhance the quality of your life in all areas while still being able to nurture your kids, relationships and home and work life too?


Then let's go ... 


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This one is a beautiful guided journey that will help you melt your stress and anxiety away while transporting you to the land of unconcern!

If your life is filled with a lot of stress and you find it hard to relax and unwind ... you're gonna LOVE it!


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Lisa Whatley


Hey I'm Lisa Whatley, the #ZenHacker.


 In a nutshell, here's why I love the title of ZenHacker. I happened to be born with a "hacking mindset" which means I'm always searching for short cuts and loop-holes on how to do things faster and more efficiently. I don't believe the whole "your way is the only way" mentality for most things in life. I dislike rules and have always bent or broke them so when I finally started to learn about effectively shaping a positive mindset to get out of the nightmare of a life I was living, I needed my learning curve to be put on steroids.


What does a hacker do? Breaks down systems right. Since I needed my life to change at warp-speed I had no option but to figure out a way to cut the learning curve down as quickly as possible. So, I broke down the system of how to get to your zen zone in a much more faster, easier more efficient way.


I created tools that I could use on auto-pilot while still being a present mom to my four kids - ages 1, 2, 7 and 9. Bare in mind I was a single mom on welfare and didn't have a stitch of outside help so I knew if I wanted to make this work I had to become extremely resourceful and hack the shit out of self-development and personal growth systems in order to make it work for me, my life and my kids lives. 


I know it worked because my entire life changed in under a year and now it is my passion and my mission to help stressed out moms find their own Zen Zone so they can truly and passionately enjoy raising their  kids without worrying about damaging them along the way. 




FREE MP3 Guided Meditation

I have a beautiful guided meditation that I would like to give you.

It's called Shift Your Energy Melt Your Stress Away.


Sit back, relax and listen as I guide you through a journey that will help you literally melt your stress away while transporting you to the land of unconcern! This journey will help shift you out of fear energy – stress, dread, un-balance, worry, anxiety, anger, etc. – and bring you into alignment with the vibration of love and peace.


If this is something that interests you all you have to do is click the button below, type your name in the form and watch your inbox for it to arrive!


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