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Psst, I got a secret to share with you ... so lean in ... 


Not all energy healers, intuitives and spiritualists are eccentric, quirky, flakey, outlandish and peculiar people.


Stop to take that in for a moment.


Not all of us are eccentric, quirky, flakey, outlandish and peculiar. Some of us are really down to earth, ordinary and so mainstream that you wouldn't be able to recognize us by judging our outer appearance.


Is that a good thing? If you are looking for a tribe that you vibe with, it sure is!


And yeah, I get it. There are a lot of diverse people in the world, and that is so cool however I want you to see that even if you aren't a flamboyant person you can still embrace the power of living a spiritual lifestyle while diving deep into the core essence of who you truly are.


You just have to find your tribe. You have to find a core group of people that you mesh with, that you love being with, that you can express your individuality with without the fear of being judged.

Embracing a spiritual lifestyle doesn't mean that you have to be perfect. It doesn't mean you have to practice yoga every day. It doesn't mean you have to meditate every day. It doesn't mean you have to be a vegan. It doesn't mean you have to carry the title of a lightworker, starseed, empath, indigo, crystal, walk-in, wanderer or goddess. It doesn't mean you have to believe in aliens. It doesn't mean you have to believe in angels. It doesn't mean you have to chant. It doesn't mean you have to practice specific rituals. It doesn't mean you have to cast spells and create potions. It doesn't mean you have to use essential oils and herbs. It doesn't mean you have to smudge or ring bells. It doesn't mean you have to fill your house with crystals. It doesn't mean you have to believe in ghosts or the after-life. It doesn't mean you have to believe in psychics. And dear reader, it doesn't even mean that it's woo-woo. That's just a word for, "I'm afraid because I don't really understand."


It doesn't mean any of the hundreds of practices that are embraced by spiritual people.


All it means is ... lean deep into this, listen closely ... LOVE. Unconditional freakin' love.


Wow, what a concept eh? Being spiritual translates into L.O.V.E.


You know what else being spiritual doesn't mean? It doesn't mean you are a doormat to others. It doesn't mean you are weak-minded or gullible. It doesn't mean you are a freak, a weirdo or out-to-lunch. It doesn't mean your life is perfect. It doesn't mean you don't have boundaries. It doesn't mean you don't make mistakes. It doesn't mean you have no opinion. It doesn't mean you are boring. It doesn't mean you are detached from reality. It doesn't mean you are dishonest. It doesn't mean you are a space-cadet or wear a tin-foil hat. It doesn't even mean that you don't swear ... or the other few hundred negative labels and opinions that are out there.


I am so tired of hearing all this from people that have absolutely zero awareness of what being spiritual truly means ... but I digressed.


Let me take you back to the beginning, back to the quirky, outlandish and peculiar spiritualists and energy healers that are definitely out there.


First off I need to be heard ... so please listen. 


I am NOT dogging nor putting down my fellow human peeps, absolutely the opposite. I love everything about each unique person. Remember spirituality equals unconditional love. I absolutely adore their bubbly-airy personalities, their over-the-top way of living, doing, being, how they express their life ... I have zero problem with any of that ... however if I'm being completely transparent here ... our personalities simply clash therefore we just don't mesh. We're not a perfect fit. Does that mean I don't like them? No. I think it's incredibly beautiful that we have such a diverse human population however not everyone is meant to be a part of our life. It's just that simple. Not complicated. A choice.


What I'm trying to say is, we are each unique. We each have a tribe of people that we do resonate with. We each have a specific vibe that will attract the right people into our lives. These aren't labels nor are they outer appearances. This is an inner resonance. It comes from within. It's the frequency that we each individually put out into the world. It's the vibe that attracts the perfect people to enter our lives.


If you resonate deeply with this message, I think you just found a part of your spiritual tribe ... if you love guided meditations, all things energy healing and learning how to manifest not just money but all things awesome for your life ... then I know we are going to get along just fab ... so welcome to my world!




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